Saturday, December 31, 2005

Teenage years

This challenge on Chris's blog is to post a photo of yourself as a teenager. So here I am about 16 years old. LOL.
And here I am looking rather too skinny and verging on anorexia. The traumas of a teenager I tell you.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A glimpse of our Christmas Day

James and Emma were both up by about 8 o'clock and unwrapped their presents. No more 5 or 6 o'clock Xmas morning starts. I'm usually the first one up now.
The local fire brigade did the rounds as they do every Xmas morning, throwing lollies and spreading good cheer.
My family arrived for lunch and Mum had a special surprise for James. She decided this year to give her grandchildren $500 when they turned 16, so my niece and James got $500 each. We all knew he was getting it but he didn't. I had to capture the look on his face when he saw the cheque and it was perfect. Thank goodness for the Canon SLR. Too funny.

I wish I could line these photos up with the right text. And just some more Xmas day photos.
How cute is this photo of Emma. She is really happy she's just being silly. And a photo of all of us.


Saturday, December 24, 2005

Read Elsie's blog about what she says about her Mum.
I want to be a Mum like that.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Here's the awesome card Yolande sent me for my birthday. How cool is that. Thanks Yolande, you're a sweetie.

And here's a Christmas 6 x 6 canvas I whipped up yesterday, a quickie 10 minute job. Of course the colours are brighter IRL.

And here's a 12 x 12 canvas I did for James room awhile back using the Heidi Swapp Beachin stamps. Just a simple canvas for his wall when he gets his new room.

The other day, the day before my birthday actually, I received 4 parcels in the mail. One was my RAK from Tamar, thank you so much Tamar for that, it is under the tree. Two other boxes had layouts from For Keeps - one had my 3 layouts from the Awards that aren't being published, the other had all my layouts from Issue 38 including my Design Award layout. I still have one to come back which is being published in the Awards book. The last box was a real surprise. It had my layout and my free book from Paperkuts. I have waited so so so long for this and had given up hope of ever receiving my layout back or getting a free book. Anyway here it is, my layout using Grassroots papers that was published in Paperkuts Pet Friendly book. So that was a nice birthday present as well. It's a cool book. If you click on the pic you can see it better.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Yesterday it was my birthday. Thank you for the texts, emails and comments on my blog wishing me a happy day. I had a great day.
First it was the last day of work and a half day too - that went quickly and we went out to lunch at Twin Oaks Golf Range. Fun and a few laughs to end the year on a good note.
For my birthday I got my camera of course; some money towards my camera and a beautiful necklace and earrings from my Mum; a beautiful necklace from James and some lovely lush towels from Emma. Then Rob came home with a beautiful bunch of flowers - first time in a long time he's done that. Go Rob. So all in all a very happy birthday.
Today it's Michelle's birthday. Happy birthday matey.

Right now I'm going to change my music video. Catch you soon.
Hey and if you want me to read your blog today, leave a comment and I will go and read and comment.

Time to catch up on some blogging

My first day of the holidays. Yay. I'm on a blogging frenzy today.
First thing to do is Michelle's blog challenge from last week.
1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate?... Hot chocolate
2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?... Wrap
3. Colored lights on tree/house or white?... Both
4. Do you hang mistletoe?... No
5. When do you put your decorations up?... As soon after the 1st Dec as we can
6. What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)?... Ham
7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child?... Xmas holidays at Waiheke - fishing, walking, rowing the dinghy.
8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa?... I actually can't remember - I have such a bad memory.
9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve?... Sometimes - last year we opened all of them, got a bit carried away - though we didn't have many last year.
10. What kind of cookies does Santa get set out for him?... whatever's in the cupboard - gingernuts, chocolate chippies.
11. Which do you prefer Giving or Receiving?... Giving of course - it's a Mum thing isn't it?
12. What tops your tree?... Mum gives me a new Xmas dec each year and this is one she gave me a few years ago. A beautiful glistening spider web with a little jewelled spider on it.
13. Do you remember your favorite gift?... Of course - my Canon EOS Digital SLR camera, LOL.
14. What’s the most important thing about the Holidays for you?... Catching up with friends and family, relaxing and recovering from a years work.
15. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert?... Marshmallow Fruit Salad
16. What is your favorite holiday tradition?... Camping
17. Candy Canes! Yuck or Yum?... Yum

Friday, December 16, 2005

Yes it's Friday

Just a quick update before going to work. After today only 2 and a half more days to go then 6 weeks holiday yay.
Here's a slightly better pic of my Xmas tree. Thanks to Michelle and Chris for your ideas. I used the ironing board and the night portrait setting. Still could be even better with a manual setting but haven't tried that yet. Can you just make out Emma in the bottom left side. Cool aye.
And congrats to the NZers and Aussies who won the Junkitz comp. See the entries here. Very cool.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sky's coming

I'm home for the morning today because Rob's Xmas present is coming. He wanted Sky TV so we're having it installed today and that's his Chrissie pressie.
Emma finishes school tomorrow and of course James finished weeks ago after his exams and he's working at the moment. He'll be 7th form next year - can't believe it. I have one more week of work then holidays I need so badly.
So yeah I'm just mucking around doing housework and waiting for the Sky man. Should be making my Xmas cards I suppose. I just have no mojo for Xmas cards at the mo. Will buy them.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Awards prize

I got home late last night after my class and crop yesterday to find my Awards for Ex prize finally sitting there waiting for me. It had arrived at long last. Quite a cool prize. A lovely Heidi Grace tote bag, filled with goodies - a lovely Scrapworks album, tool set, Xyron to name a few.
And thank you Kiwiscraps for the nice credit on my account as part of my prize.

Just had this layout accepted for the BG gallery. Using the Fusion papers.

Tarisota collections

I know I've been to this website before. I recognized it straight away. Gorgeous collections. So anyway Tamar if you do eventually make your way to my blog, I really do love your collections. Like I say I have been there before and drooled over your stuff.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Sneak preview ...

Of tomorrows product challenge products. Is much brighter IRL.

And another Friday rolls around

I have swapped days this week so I can prepare for tomorrow. We're going to have lots of fun tomorrow at our 12 hour crop. I've made my special rum truffles and today I'm making yummy fruit cake - not too fruity - don't like those ones - more cakey LOL. And make up bags for a product challenge. And practise heating up the wax for my Waxed Canvas Trio class and drilling the holes for the hinges. What else - if I have time do a layout with the Making Memories papers - cool papers. Thought I might have a go at Nic's hole punching technique with a twist.
So anyway I got my new camera and OMG it's so cool. I have so much to learn though, sooooo much. Nic help please. It's a Canon EOS Digital SLR. I feel so happy about it and can't wait for the holidays to practise. It's like my baby.
We have been sooooo busy at work. The end of year and beginning of the year are so busy in a school office. You have no idea. I have been printing reports for the last 2 weeks. Why you say? Well there's alot to it:
Teacher writes report in computer programme
Lianne prints each individual report - making sure it all fits on 2 pages
Principal checks each report and comments
Teacher corrects any reports that need it
Lianne reprints those reports
Principal rechecks and comments
Lianne prints envelopes for reports
All this x 8 classes and in between other jobs like:
Chasing prize giving cups and organising the engraving.
Planning stationery for next year
Counting money from Book Fair, Activity Week and Jump Rope for Heart.
There's lots more too but I guess you're really bored by now.

So here's Michelles challenge for this week, sorry I didn't do last week's one Michelle.
1. Do you decorate your house this time of year? if so… how? ( a photo or description. )
Yes. These are taken with my new camera though the tree isn't very good. I tried to take it without the flash so the lights would show up better but didn't turn out great. Will have to work one that one. But I love the one of my new decoration. Isn't he just so cute.
2. Have you ever been in a decoration competition? No
3. How much is too much? As much as you like. I love houses covered in decorations. If I had time and money I'd do it.
4. How do you celebrate this time of year? Luch with my family - at my place this year. Dinner with Rob's family - at his sisters this year.
5.Whose job is it to wrap all the Christmas gifts? Will you (or whoever) use gift bags, or wrapping paper? Me, wrapping paper.
6. What do you dislike most about the holiday season? Definitely the crowds but that's about it.
7. What are you top 3 Xmas songs. Snoopy's Xmas, I saw Mummy kissing Santa Claus and can't think what else.
8. Real tree or fake? Either, real last year, fake this year.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I have been a slack blogger lately. The reason is, I'm waiting for my new camera. ;) hehe. can't wait. it's my Xmas and birthday present. hope to get it today.
In the meantime check these out. Just got some from the States - well Ollie got me some. The lightest shoes in the world, feels like you have nothing on your feet. I got (you guessed it) pink and brown.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

All I've done in the last 2 weeks. This was going to be my Junkitz entry and since I didn't have any Junkitz p/p, only embellishments, I thought I'd make my own p/p. But it turned out my Junkitz embellishments didn't match either so there you go then. No Junkitz entry.

But I do like my p/p. Made with Heidi Swapp stamps and outlined with pen. The blue is made with the end of a fax machine roll LOL, bit hard to see.

I am trying to make my Xmas cards at the mo but can't get motivated. I need ideas. Can anyone help me. Need to make them this weekend.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Regrets - I've Had A Few

Michelle tagged me.
There are some "rules" that go along with this tag - they are as follows:
1) Call the meme "Regrets - I've Had A Few"
2) Always refer (and link back) to the blogger who tagged you.
3) Always tag (and link to) at least two new bloggers.
4) List as many regrets as you like, but list a minimum of one (even if you have to re-interpret the term 'regret' because you feel strongly that you don't have any)
5) Include these five rules in each post as the meme instructions.

Regrets - yes I have had a few.
My first regret was that I didn't do my last grade in piano. I had one grade to go before I could teach piano. I was 15 and I had better things to do than take piano lessons and sit exams. Silly, silly girl.
My next regret was not staying at school for 7th form and going on to University or Teacher's College or learning a trade.
Next was leaving home at 17. Why didn't I just stay at home and save money.
Next was not doing an OE. But how could I when I had left home at 17 and was working in a bank and spending all my money partying and nightclubbing. Silly girl again.
Next was not completing my 3rd and final year of a Naturopath Diploma. I would have been a qualified Naturopath if I had just done that final year.
What else, I think those are the main things I regret.
Yes if only we knew what we know now back then.
I think I regretted not finishing things off and I try to install that in my kids now that once you start something you must try and finish it. I tell Emma all the time when she wants to stop dancing how much I regret finishing piano. She is still hanging in there just, with just 2 grades to go in Tap. I hope she completes them.

And I tag Yolande and Delys.

Friday, November 25, 2005

{Thank God it's Friday}

The end of a busy week. It's a busy time of year with the annual dance production preceded by a week of practices and a dress rehearsal, then the performance. I dread this week every year - arranging transport for Emma and late evenings home. If I thought I was going to get any scrapping done this week I had another thing coming.
So anyway every Friday after work some of our staff go for a drink after work - sometimes a coffee and sometimes a drink drink. I usually can't go because I have things on - going away, having to get kids home, etc etc. So this week I went and we went to the new Robert Harris place in Pukekohe - very nice. So I've heard all about this Chai tea and how nice it is and it's the in thing at the mo. I see on the blackboard they have Chai Latte. So I say I thought Chai was a tea and she says it is, do you want to try a bit. So I say OK and she gives me a small amount in a cup and it's very sweet with froth on top and I say I don't like sweet tea and she says it's not usually that sweet in a proper cup so I say OK I'll try one. Yeah well it is sweet and very spicy and I didn't really like it. It was quite sickly. So I wonder what a normal Chai tea is like - if it is that sweet. But I don't think I'll like it. It sort of tastes like burnt spices I think. I don't know. It keeps repeating on me. I so wanted to have a new tea I liked rather than my good old Earl Grey tea. I don't like Herb tea but I wish I did. It always sounds so cool when people say I had a lovely cup of Peppermint tea to start the day or I had a nice Chamomile tea before I went to bed to relax me - I'm so jealous cause I'd love to like Herb tea. I thought I might be in with the Chai but no no.
Anyhooooo, as Nic says, we went to the Monarch for a drink drink after cause apparently the Robert Harris shop shuts at 3.30. So we got kicked out. Had a nice chat there and one drinky and came home with Emma.
Now James has been going out with his girlfriend for a year today and he is making a nice dinner for her, how sweet is that. He's also bought her a lovely gift - a silver friendship ring (gorgeous) and earrings and I altered a domino box for him to put them in.
So we're waiting for them to come home from touch football for dinner. I'm hungry and Chai tea is repeating on me and I'm going to have a Bourbon and diet coke while we wait. Of course I've started preparing the dinner - I'm making the mince part for James for tacos and we have chocolate mousse - yum. I'm looking forward to seeing what Jayde (James' girlfriend) thinks of her gifts.
AND one more thing - Emma is so excited because she got results today for Social Studies and Maths. She thought she did really bad in Social Studies and discovered today she did extremely well by getting 75% and coming 2nd in her class. She got 71% for Maths. More results to come next week. So she is very happy and I'm very proud of her and that she's happy about it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

So let me explain why I left my post for so long last week. I actually don't know where the week went. I did NO scrapping and hardly looked at the computer. We went to Raglan for the weekend for the Maori Nationals surf comp with James. He made the semifinals in case you wondered but not the finals unfortunately this time, but that's the way it goes sometimes. But wow some awesome surfing was going down there. We have some great talent here in NZ including my son I must say.
So we were getting organised for that and James and Emma have exams at the moment and this week Emma has dance practice every night for her production Thursday night and Saturday morning. I think it is just a busy time of year. And of course I'm busy at work.
So that's my excuse. Hope, hope, hope to get some scrapping done this week and do the Doodle challenge on 2peas from last week and maybe some stuff I could submit, maybe. :))
Yeah so that's it then. Hopefully have some work to share by end of week.
And hey did you know I have a new song on here. You have to wait a minute for it to get started.

Challenge # 4

Michelle's Blog Challenge #4
Name 5 things you would do if you had a magic wand and explain why.

1. James and Emma would always be happy and content. Why not.
2. No animal or human suffered from cruelty. Because I can't bear cruelty, to animals especially.
3. Never short of money with all debts paid and up to date and I could give up work. Because we've struggled for so long.
4. I was always slim and healthy. Because I used to be and now I'm in my 40's it's getting harder and harder to stay slim.
5. I became an awesomely creative artist. Why not.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Time for an update I think

First of all Michelle's Blog Challenge # 3
choose a letter of the alphabet and answer each of the following with a word/group of words that begins with the letter you've chosen...
1. Name one color. Scarlet
2. Name one song. Stairway to Heaven
3. Name one movie. Spiderman
4. Name one vehicle. Subaru
5. Name one food. Scallops (yum)
6. Name one household item. Saucepan
7. Name one book. Sushi for Beginners by Marian Keyes
8. Name one scrapbook related tool. Scorer
9. Name one animal. Seal
10. Name one country/place. Spain

Monday, November 14, 2005

Parenting memories.

James was looking through my recipe drawer (which is chocka full of recipes I have pulled out of magazines or photocopied etc etc) and tucked in amongst them all was a pile of behaviour/tick charts I'd had for the kids when they were young. James must have been 8 and Emma 5. How cute!! I'm so glad I kept them and he found them cause we all had such a laugh looking at them. Here's one of them. They have a row titled 'If naughty - money off & reason' (this is money off pocket money as you probably realise). We were laughing and James and Emma thought it was so funny.
Some reasons on other charts were:
20c off naughty in supermarket (both)
20c off crying and being silly about nothing (Emma)
50c off for being so rude and naughty to Mum (James)
50c off for getting out of control (Emma) - I liked this one LOL.
And I like this one -
40c off hit me twice in shoe shop (Emma). Too funny.
On this chart they both have $1.20 off on Wednesday for hurting each other. They must have had a huge fight. LOL.

Anyway they bought back some great memories and a nice family discussion reminiscing about those days which were not so long ago.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

More Rob and Bob.

Another doodle challenge from 2peas. Doodle on a photo.

And dinner last night. Oh so yummy Whitebait fritters. I've waited all season for Rob or James to go whitebaiting but no such luck. In the end I bought some from a parent at school. Freshly caught. Delicious. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Michelle's Blog Challenge # 2

Ten CD's you would just have to have if stranded on a Desert Island

I had to think hard about this. I love music so much and have a lot of favourites.
Not in any particular order and a couple more for good luck.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - By The Way
Jonny Lang - Lie To Me (great album this)
America - Best of (I think it's called - you know with "Horse with No Name" and all those fantastic songs)
Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Paul McCartney and the Wings - Band On the Run
Rod Stewart - Atlantic Crossing
Counting Crows - August and Everything After
Neil Young - Rust Never Sleeps
Doobie Bros - Greatest Hits (I think)
Beach Boys - Greatest Hits
Bob Marley and the Wailers
Santana - Supernatural and Shaman

and then there's Sheryl Crow, Smashing Pumpkins, Cranberries, Collective Soul, Lynard Skynard, Van Morrison, Katchafire, The Beatles and so on and so on.

Without Music, Life is a Journey Through a Desert.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Awards for Ex

OK I'm finally updating. Can't believe I've left it this long. What a slacker.
The For Keeps Awards for Excellence were announced yesterday. Congratulations Nic on making the Elite team - I knew you would.
I got an Award too - Award for Excellence in Design. But the funny thing is I didn't find out till this week I was getting it. So it sort of doesn't feel real. Also on the For Keeps website my name isn't on the list, but I actually received an email from the editor this week confirming it. I don't know. It'll be real when I receive my prize I guess. I'll have to ask Nic when she comes back from Australia if she did actually hear my name read out. LOL. But I am rapt. And I love the layout I won it for.

So anyway I was thinking this week about scrapbooking and how I've hit a bit of a slump. For the past year I've been designing for different mags and manufacturers and that's all I've done. But it was good because I had goals and deadlines and challenges. I had to do something specific. Now I can do anything and I'm feeling a bit lost. That's why I've been doing every challenge I can get my hands on. So for me I need a challenge to work well.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

More challenges

'Look' is for a Doodling challenge

And 'Sunset' is for a Scraphic Design/White space challenge

Michelle's Blog Challenge
1. Name one productive thing you accomplished this past weekend.
Weed sprayed.
2. Name two things that you look forward to doing.
I have to put 3. Scrapbooking of course and going away (either to surf comps with James or away camping at Xmas) and watching Emma play netball.
3. Name three things that gross you out.
Maggots, bad bloody injuries and vomit.
4. Name four things that you normally do on a daily basis.
Apart from the obvious, check my emails, check 2peas, check KS, and check blogs.
5. Name five things that you own that you think you could get rid of and not miss.
This is a hard one. I honestly can’t think of anything but if I do I will add it in another post.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Another Sunday morning

Sunday mornings are the best when you get up and everything is tidy from the night before. Dishes done, washing done, house is tidy. I love it. AND 'It's a beautiful day' (U2 song comes to mind). AANND everyone is safe at home from their nights out.
Just have a cuppa or two, some breaky - avocado and marmite on vogels - don't mock it till you try it - yummy.
Think about what to do today.
Think abit more about the layout I'm working on. When don't I!!!
Have to work tomorrow so I'm going to make the most of today.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

A challenge

The colour combination in this picture really appealed to me, so I challenged myself to use them on a layout. Here's the result. Have a try - white, yellow and biege/tan. The Bazzill c/s I used is 'Wheat'.
Oh and I printed the photo on the 'Wheat' c/s too. I've used this photo before, I know. It is a great photo printed on textured c/s.

Glass handbag

As promised photo of the cute gift I bought my Mum. Why I did not take an aerial shot of it I don't know cause it's actually an open bag with 2 handles and would make an awesome vase.
And my handsome son playing with the camera on our fishing trip last weekend. LOL James. And a must read on Kelly's blog- The Creative Process.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Thought I'd share ...

my pages published in the recent issue of For Keeps magazine #35.
'Like Sisters' was for a rub ons article - I used MOD rub ons on the blue c/s and title.
'Waitara Beach' was for a Beaded monogram article.
Scans are pre APE. I used to scan then stitch the layouts in Paint, until I discovered how easy it was in Adobe Photoshop Elements. Must re-scan and stitch when I have time.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Check this out ....

Check out Cath's blog. Scroll down (on her blog that is) to see all her wonderful work.
Cath was a Kiwiscraps consultant and I did not know she was such a great artist.
I just love her paintings.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Relax and enjoy

I've been so tired this week. It's funny how you build yourself up for something and then after the event it just hits you. I was so nervous about teaching classes last weekend, and when it was over and I relaxed and realised how well it went I just got so tired.

So it's a long weekend this weekend - Labour weekend (not that it makes any difference to me cause I don't work on Mondays usually). James is away all weekend at a surf comp and Rob is away on a fishing trip. So Emma and I are lazing around. She's been unwell since the school holidays 2 weeks ago so I want her to sleep in and do nothing and get better. I of course will catch up on a few unfinished projects and housework and we have DVD's. The weather is not good as usual lately so I won't feel guilty being inside.
I think we might go and see my Mum and Lionel tomorrow. They live about 2 hours away up north. So Emma and I can cruise up there - stop at the Honey Centre in Warkworth and get yummy fresh honey. I bought Mum this cool as present. It's wrapped up at the mo but when she unwraps it I'll take a pic. I saw it in a flower shop window yesterday and I thought of her straight away. It's the first time I've seen something and thought "Oh yeah, Mum will love that". It's a cute as little handbag made of glass in this cool colour. I can just see it displayed on her gorgeous furniture. It's about 6" x 4". They had lots in all sorts of bright and funky colours. Hope she likes it.

I really like this idea. Might try it.

My latest layout is this for the recent Ad Inspiration on 2peas. Click on the page to see in more detail.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I work in a school and we held our annual Calf Club Day last Friday and I just had to share this cute as little creature one of the kids made as part of their craft activities. He is really simple but he really appealed to me.
I know you think I'm crazy!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

new stamps, doodling and stamped jeans

This was a fun layout. I used my New Hero Arts stitches and ribbon stamps and a bit of doodling (used to draw these bugs when I was a kid).
And my jeans below.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Home again

I am very tired after a wonderful, fun weekend at SENZ.
Friday - taught a great class on Friday called Ink, Layer and Paint. Attended Christina's Designing with Fabric class - very cool.
Wendy and I spent Friday night painting/stamping our jeans ala Heidi Swapp style. They look so cool.
Saturday - taught a cool Heidi Swapp travel layout class. Attened the very cool Scrapbooking Daisies polymer clay class. Did some shopping. :))))
Sunday - attended Wendy's wonderful Waxed Trio class and taught the Heidi Swapp class again.
All in all a fun inspirational weekend. Met and caught up with lots of great people.
And had the priviledge to meet and chat briefly with Kerrin Quall. Very lovely, cool lady.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My last post for a few days. I'm off to SENZ (Scrapbooking and Stamping Expo in New Zealand) Friday - Sunday. I'm teaching 3 classes - 1 each day and i'm looking forward to attending a class called Scrapbooking Daisies - a class making millefiori (sp) flowers using polymer clay for scrapbooking - fun.
Here's a picture. Aren't they divine.
Getting a bit behind with the updates. You can tell I'm back at work.
Well I didn't get the phone call from For Keeps for the Elite team , an Award or the new Design Team. Boohoo. So my time on the DT is up I guess, though half of my stuff hasn't even been published yet. I'd love to share my entries but last year one of my layouts was picked up for Australian Paper Crafts mag so there's still hope of one or two being published yet.

Have a look at this clothing tag that was on a top I bought in the holidays.
Look familiar?? Those funky flowers are so in aren't they. I love them.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Ad Inspiration page

And here's the Ad challenge.

Sunday morning up with the larks, think I'll take a walk in the park, hey, hey , hey it's a beautiful day.

NOT. It's a crap day as it has been for days now. I'm definitely up with the larks but the weather's awful. You'd think I would sleep in for the last day of the holidays wouldn't you. NO too many ideas rushing round in my head.

James made it home safe and sound at about 1.30am. Glad that's over. I am actually very proud of him for achieving that.

Rock Star INXS - This is for you Megs - I am happy with the choice for their band. When I heard JD sing the new song with the band he was perfect. I felt sorry for Mig most of all. Near the end they were all so good, but definitely, I think, JD was best for them. Marty will be better on his own. I would love to see him and Suzy together. I tell you who else was awesome and that was the lead guitarist of the House Band - Rafael. I loooooved watching him.
Can't get 'Trees' and 'Pretty Vegas' out of my head. Great songs.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Blog cruising - leave me a comment so I can visit your blog.

Just cruising a few blogs today. Left you a message Ruth (Ruth is sad cause no one's left comments lately - I know what you mean Ruth - I love comments too).

Took some photos in to be developed and will pick up this afternoon to complete my final For Keeps Design Team layout.

Nearly finished my Ad Inspiration page - will post later.

Found Rhonna Farrer's blog today.

And here's a funny photo of Emma the other morning.....
hair cut, lots of product in hair, slept on it, voila, just like the ad on TV for pads. ROFL.
Ooohhh bad hair Emma!!!

And here's a nice photo of her.

oops, just joking. silly emma.

Here's the nice one.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

He made it OK, what a relief. And they did fine with the drive.

I have been wanting to try a landscape 8.5 x 11 layout.
So I had a go and enjoyed doing this layout.
I'm working on another for my Ad Inspiration page.
I have a huge worry today. My son and his girlfriend and their 2 friends are driving down to Gisborne today - a 6 - 7 hour drive - for the first time he's driven that far. His friend has his full licence so he's driving most of the way and then James is driving the last bit through the gorge which he knows better than his friend. It's the first time they've driven so far on their own and it is a hard trip. I'm going to worry myself sick all day. The weather is terrible, there's lots of big trucks on the road, there's other crazy drivers, what if they drive too fast and can't handle it. This would have to be my worst worry so far.
James is going down to do a judging course for surfing on Saturday but one of them has to be home for something on Sunday so they are driving back on Saturday night. I am so not happy about that, after a day's course, but his friend will drive I think.
OMG I'm scared.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I've copied Nic who copied Tia with this idea of taking angle shots. I had heaps of fun snapping shots of Emma and the dogs in the sand dunes yesterday. Not fantatsic shots but they were fun. Did I say that already. Though Emma got sick of it after awhile and ran away from me.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Bright and colourful challenge

Did this for Kim Archer's bright and colourful challenge on her blog. Check out her Challenge gallery in her blog. Link in my sidebar.

I painted all the circles in the background with various objects and cut out the heart so you can see the back ground. Was fun to do.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Mmmmmmmm sunshine

I lay in the sun for about an hour this afternoon - yum - reading my new mag 'Notebook'. How cool is this magazine.

Don't veges look so yummy when they have just been cooking for a minute and their colours are so vibrant and crispy looking. My photo of the day - yummy just cooking veges.

Favourite things about spring

2peas blog challenge

Summer's on it's way
Longer days
Beautiful flowers
Warmer nights
Baby things everywhere (lambs, calves, pukekos, swans, ducks etc)
Swimming soon
Fresh air
Clearer skies
Lovely gardens

Thursday, September 29, 2005

5 minute wall art

One Heidi Swapp mask, some BG letter stickers, a 12 x 12 canvas and some paint. Voila, a nice piece for Emma's wall. And all it took was 5 minutes. Quite pleased with that.

By the way it wasn't a virus that hurt my computer it was my mouse. I needed a new one. Now it's going like a dream.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Computers - OMG

Yes OMG I was nearly crying last night. I thought I was done for. My stupid computer (just joking - darling computer:))) spat the dummy last night and was acting all jammed up and slow and the mouse wouldn't move and I was stressing and stressing and panicking cause I thought I'd lose everything and nothing worked and OMG I was nearly crying. So I turned it off and went to bed and thought OK I'll try again in the morning and if I have to take it to the computer shop, so be it. So anyway I started it up this morning and slowly after turning it on and off a couple of times I managed to do a virus scan and it was very infected, very infected. Don't know why my virus software didn't sort this out itself but I did a manual scan and now I've fixed it and I'm happy again.
Wow how can we get so strssed over a computer and how can we become so dependent on it. Anyway I need to back up all my files. Isn't there a way of doing this other than saving on a CD?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Monday's update

Was supposed to post this yesterday but had trouble uploading to my blog, so gave up and came back this morning.

So you can see I've been playing around adding silly Blogthings to my blog - bit of a laugh really. And a Flickr badge - pretty cool.

I did this layout on Sunday - Follow your heart - quite pleased with how it turned out.

Photo of some cute shoes I bought for $18 from The Warehouse a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks for looking and please please leave a comment. I love comments and I don't get many.