Friday, December 23, 2005

Here's the awesome card Yolande sent me for my birthday. How cool is that. Thanks Yolande, you're a sweetie.

And here's a Christmas 6 x 6 canvas I whipped up yesterday, a quickie 10 minute job. Of course the colours are brighter IRL.

And here's a 12 x 12 canvas I did for James room awhile back using the Heidi Swapp Beachin stamps. Just a simple canvas for his wall when he gets his new room.

The other day, the day before my birthday actually, I received 4 parcels in the mail. One was my RAK from Tamar, thank you so much Tamar for that, it is under the tree. Two other boxes had layouts from For Keeps - one had my 3 layouts from the Awards that aren't being published, the other had all my layouts from Issue 38 including my Design Award layout. I still have one to come back which is being published in the Awards book. The last box was a real surprise. It had my layout and my free book from Paperkuts. I have waited so so so long for this and had given up hope of ever receiving my layout back or getting a free book. Anyway here it is, my layout using Grassroots papers that was published in Paperkuts Pet Friendly book. So that was a nice birthday present as well. It's a cool book. If you click on the pic you can see it better.


Yolande said...

Very cool canvases there Lianne! And BTW I love your Xmas card too THANKS - is the tree a stamp? very cool. How neat to get so much mail all before your birthday - well timed. Great layout in the mag too - Well done. I saw those daisies on your birthday cards and just knew I had to buy it for you! I am so enjoying cardmaking! I better find my mojo for 12x 12 after Xmas. I'm glad you liked your card.

Ruth said...

love the canvas!! love the card from Yolande too.

nic said...

WHOA what a cool mail day!!!
Awesome score on getting the pet LO back - the whole Pk thing seems to be dodgey for you!!!

Have a great Christmas!

Mel said...

I just love those simple canvases, Lianne. They really appeal. I am going to copy your tree idea right now despite it being nearly 10pm- hope that's OK. It'll make a lovely gift for the rellies arriving tomorrow. Good on all your publishing achievements - what a wonderful year for you .Merry Christmas