Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Numbers, numbers everywhere

We're starting to get some great photos of numbers and days of the week in our Flickr group. Check them out here.
Join in if you want, the more the merrier. And it doesn't matter if we have more than one of the same letter or number, it just gives us more to choose from to personalise our own calender. It's very exciting!! I was thinking we could use whole or part of the words for the week days. That would look cool I think and may be easier to find to photograph. As Raewyn said there is a SUN Place in Henderson if anyone lives up that way.

A little card share:
Card 1 using BG Ambrosia
(instore at Scrapbook Studio)
Card 2 using 3 Bugs Home Grown (so cute) and the Crafters Workshop 6x6 Orchid template
(both in store at Scrapbook Studio and are being released at CHA as we speak)

happy number finding


Friday, January 23, 2009

Do this cool Numbers Photo Calendar with me

I LOVE this!!!
I want to make one!!!
SO I was thinking, hhhmmm thats not going to be easy to find all those cool numbers to photograph. I need 1 - 31 and all the letters of the days of the week. So I've been brewing a plan. I thought what if other people wanted to do this as well and we all took photos around New Zealand of cool, funky numbers and letters and grouped them all together and then we could pick the numbers we like and all make our own calender from numbers around New Zealand.
So then I thought I could post it here and see who was keen and then set up a group in Flickr for people to add their photos and I'm sure in no time we'll have our NZ Numbers photo calendar.
HERE'S where the idea originated. They have a link to groups already set up on Flickr with numbers but I wanted mine to be ideally my photos but I soon realised that would be too hard so the next best thing would be photos taken by people I know around NZ.
OK, so who's interested. Leave a comment and if we get enough people I'll set up a group and we'll start taking number and letter photos. Can't wait to get this going and see who wants to join me.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

new LO and TTV's

We have new Basic Grey in at work. I did this LO using Ambrosia. Love the designs and colours, reminds me of hippy days. YUM!! LO inspired by this LO of Dina Wakleys. AND, I have just discovered Textures for layering over photos or TTV's or whatever they are called. Much easier then brushes I reckon. Here's a photo I did quickly yesterday, remember this is the first one I've ever done, I just grabbed this old photo to experiment on, LOL, look at James' face. But honestly, so easy, has anyone else used them. I love them already and there's so many on the net for free. Check them out on Flickr.
Have you seen the new Crafters Workshop templates being released at CHA. Oohh my goodness. Check them out here. Esp this one and this one.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

First projects of 2009

Firstly thank you Amanda for the Lovely Blog Award. I'll post it in my next post along with some other lovely blogs.

This is a LO I've just done for Fiskars using more of the Cloud 9 Christmas Joy Papercraft kit.
And these are some projects I did with the Jan Qtea kit. The lavender satchet is made with goregous fabric, trims and a crotchet flower from the kit. How cute is that fabric.
Sauce bottle labels punched from notepaper in the kit.
And yep that's my homemade tomato sauce, YUM!! Haven't made any for a few years but was determined to this year. I'm making more this weekend too.And a LO using some of the kit. FUN!! Qtea has such funky kits.

have a nice weekend


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yay I've added some more links to the sidebar.
Thanks Kirsty, Sonya, Louise, Rachel and Carol for your links.

Also check out my 'So Inspired By' links - these are the people who most inspire me at the moment with their incredible unique creativeness. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.

And check out the other ladies on the Qtea Kits DT with me - more awesome inspiration for you. And we're all staying on for another year. So cool.

I've also added a couple of sites to my Cool Sites list at the bottom.

AND one of my fav lines at the mo - Websters Pages - can't wait to see what's next for them.
Here's a Lo using WP.

I'll leave you with these little birdies I made that I love. You can get the pattern here. Scrapbook Studio has an awesome range of designer fabric instore and online.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Yep I'm back with a vengeance!! Spread the word!!

I've revamped my blog, updated links, will be adding some more links and hoping to post regularly; can't promise, but here's hoping. I've updated all the links in the sidebar, alot of you had changed to WORDPRESS and alot hadn't updated their blogs for a very long time too.
Now I need some new links in my sidebar so link me up in the comments and I'll add you.
I'll be back later with some more pics of things. See those cute vases in my banner - James gave me those for Xmas and the roses are from my Mums.
In the meantime here's a couple of favourite LO's from 2008.