Saturday, December 31, 2005

Teenage years

This challenge on Chris's blog is to post a photo of yourself as a teenager. So here I am about 16 years old. LOL.
And here I am looking rather too skinny and verging on anorexia. The traumas of a teenager I tell you.


Rach H said...

I bet you didn't think you were that skinny back then???
Good on ya for posting a pic.
Have a great New Year.

Michelle said...

love the bikini Lianne, I wish i was that skinny back then.

Ruth said...

wow you were a skinny mini!!

Chris Millar said...

Yay Lianne!! Thanks for posting the pics and being up for the challenge! Oh dear, the trials of a teenager hey?! Love the top pic, the hairdo is a bit 'Princess Dianna' I think !
Here's my email if you can send me your address I'll send you a little something in the post! You just beat Michelle by about half hour!