Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Auckland people ...

... if you're interested, I'm holding this Clock Canvas class next Wednesday night 7th March, 6.30 - 8.30. Email if you're keen. It looks even better and more dimensional IRL.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

It's 11.30 and I haven't even had breakfast yet. I wanted to get this done for the Scrapjacked dare cause I saw the cool ones Rach and Monique did and I wanted to have a go. A 'scrapjack' of Amber Skolnick. Love her. As you can see she is already in my sidebar.

How cool was last night at the Scrapbook Outlet cyber crop having Elsie Flannigan come and join us. Wow Andrea what a cool thing to organise. I was blown away to be talking to Elsie. She is so cool to do that. I didn't do any challenges last night but they are definitely on my long to do list; esp like the sound of Yolande and Laras ones. I was also rather brain dead last night, everyone was scrapping up a storm but I just sat in front of my computer like a zombie. I did doodle on a photo though, which I will scrap. You should go look at the awesome stuff in the gallery there.
I also have my art card challenges to load up as well. I have been keeping up with those.

And theres a new recycle-it challenge at Zingboom. Fun.

And check out the NZ Dare Colour Pop challenge. Here's mine. Sponsored by CherryArte. How cool; thanks Lu.

As you know James went off to Uni last weekend. I miss him heaps already. Talk to him just about everyday and he's only an hour away. LOL.

We have been adding on to our kitchen, so that's nearly finished, just waiting on some shelves and the bench top which Rob is going to make.

James' sleepout is waiting on the gib stopper and we have a Versatile garage waiting to be delivered. It's all go I tell ya.

Then there's Emma who's started 5th form and is trying hard to be good and keep up with her school work, but sometimes it is hard with peer pressure etc. But you gotta keep letting them know you love them so much and hope for the best.

AND I have heaps of scrapping I need to and want to do. There just ain't enough hours in the day especially when the beautiful sunshine is calling me. I hate being inside on a sunny day.

I'm hungry now, must go eat.

Man it took me ages to do this post with all the links and my stupid dial-up slow job.

Happy sunny day everyone. Keep smiling. What goes around come around.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Finally finished my birthday cake layout. Was sitting on my table for awhile - waiting to be finished!! Scan has cut bottom off again :(
James is off to Uni next weekend. Imagine me with a sad look on my face now. But I am so proud of him for doing what he's doing. Did I tell you what he's doing?? He's training to be a PE teacher. Yeah I know, right up his alley aye. That's what everyone says. He will be so good. I will miss him soooo much. He is so neat to have around.
I'm trying to organise the Photoshop brushes I've made into files for people to download. Not sure if it will work but will give it a go. Will let you know if it works OK.
Have a great weekend. Hope the weathers good. Want to catch a spot of sun and swimming this weekend.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Emma - she turned 15 yesterday

It was Emmas birthday yesterday the 5th. We had an great day. First she sat her Learners drivers licence and passed with only one wrong. Wow go Emma!! Then she wanted to get her nose pierced so off we went to Primal Piercing in Maunkau to get that done. And ouch, it made her eyes water and yes it really hurt. Looks cool though. She suits it. Then she wanted to go to the zoo. We've been wanting to go to the zoo for ages and it was the perfect day. It was overcast and not too hot. Here's some photos James and I took. Got some great shots, took 177 photos. She did get pressies too.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Another fire

You may remember just over a year ago I blogged about a huge fire in the sand dunes on New Years Eve. Well I arrived home about 10pm last night to flashing lights, fire engines and a helicopter. I drove up thinking please not my house, please not my house, and thank goodness it wasn't. But unfortunately it was a huge fire in the sand dunes just near my place, round the corner and down a track. The helicopter went for ages emptying bucket after bucket of water on the fire. Collecting water from the river and flying back and dumping it on the fire.

Here's some photos of the aftermath today. It's so sad you know the damage it does. I know it regenerates quickly but there is a sadness about it. So many people were wandering around over there today 'visiting' the site, like someone died.