Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Computers - OMG

Yes OMG I was nearly crying last night. I thought I was done for. My stupid computer (just joking - darling computer:))) spat the dummy last night and was acting all jammed up and slow and the mouse wouldn't move and I was stressing and stressing and panicking cause I thought I'd lose everything and nothing worked and OMG I was nearly crying. So I turned it off and went to bed and thought OK I'll try again in the morning and if I have to take it to the computer shop, so be it. So anyway I started it up this morning and slowly after turning it on and off a couple of times I managed to do a virus scan and it was very infected, very infected. Don't know why my virus software didn't sort this out itself but I did a manual scan and now I've fixed it and I'm happy again.
Wow how can we get so strssed over a computer and how can we become so dependent on it. Anyway I need to back up all my files. Isn't there a way of doing this other than saving on a CD?


Michelle said...

OH No Lianne I would be totaly devistated if my puter went down. Luckly you managed to fix it.
Sorry can't help on the back up without using a CD.

Ruth said...

Hope its not catchy?? Um not sure about the back up, I used to backup on disc now I just use CD.

see you tonight

chris said...

i know the pain of computer problems all too well - I recently had to scrub the hard drive due to a virus infection

you can use a zip drive or a memory stick to archive needed files - the storage capabilities are far greater with those options

glad you were able to resolve things and get things working again!