Saturday, October 22, 2005

Relax and enjoy

I've been so tired this week. It's funny how you build yourself up for something and then after the event it just hits you. I was so nervous about teaching classes last weekend, and when it was over and I relaxed and realised how well it went I just got so tired.

So it's a long weekend this weekend - Labour weekend (not that it makes any difference to me cause I don't work on Mondays usually). James is away all weekend at a surf comp and Rob is away on a fishing trip. So Emma and I are lazing around. She's been unwell since the school holidays 2 weeks ago so I want her to sleep in and do nothing and get better. I of course will catch up on a few unfinished projects and housework and we have DVD's. The weather is not good as usual lately so I won't feel guilty being inside.
I think we might go and see my Mum and Lionel tomorrow. They live about 2 hours away up north. So Emma and I can cruise up there - stop at the Honey Centre in Warkworth and get yummy fresh honey. I bought Mum this cool as present. It's wrapped up at the mo but when she unwraps it I'll take a pic. I saw it in a flower shop window yesterday and I thought of her straight away. It's the first time I've seen something and thought "Oh yeah, Mum will love that". It's a cute as little handbag made of glass in this cool colour. I can just see it displayed on her gorgeous furniture. It's about 6" x 4". They had lots in all sorts of bright and funky colours. Hope she likes it.

I really like this idea. Might try it.

My latest layout is this for the recent Ad Inspiration on 2peas. Click on the page to see in more detail.


lucy said...

Those handbags are soooooooo cool. I noticed them the other day too. Your mum will love it. BTW your blog just freaked me out by playing a song!!!!!!!!!! Here I was wondering where this music was comming from. Thanks for the laugh. Oh and you are an awesome teacher!!!!!!

Michelle said...

I saw those bags too and thought what a cool presie they would make.
I used to get the music when I went on your blog but for some reason it no longer works :(

Jennifer Stewart said...

Hi, Lianne!

I absolutely LOVE This ad inspiration layout! How cool and funky to put the monogram in the middle of the page. I love it!

Jennifer :)