Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Emily's Art Journal

Week 3 - I am ...Week 4 - A Symbol you love. I have always, always loved sunflowers. I've grown them - I grew the biggest sunflower ever one year.

Finally caught up. I'm loving doing this challenge, using old stuff and different techniques. On card 3 I used pink Lumiere paint and then mod podged some patterned tissue paper (toilet paper actually) over the top. I used Tim Holtz distress embossing powder on the centre of the sunflower and round the edges of card 4. Loving that stuff, such a cool texture.

Watched the first LOST (series 3) instalment tonight. So where did that go. Back to their old tricks and not telling us anything. So annoying.

If you haven't seen it 'The Lakehouse' is an awesome movie.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My record cover challenge. This was so much fun, firstly searching through the hundreds of old records at my local second hand shop and then finding this one and knowing exactly what to do with it. The covers are 12 x 12 so you just use it as your background and away you go adding photos, embellishments, paint, journalling, whatever. Heaps of fun. I have 2 more to play with too.
Week 2 of Emily's deck of me art journal challenge. 'What is powerful to you?' Week 3's prompt is - 'I am ...'

And one more share; my NZ Dare layout for the 'Going round in circles' theme. Lots of circles, dots and spots going on here LOL.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Happy things

I'm doing this, it has to be the coolest idea I've seen for ages. Take a deck of cards - 52 of them = 52 weeks in the year. Alter one a week and create an awesome Art Journal. I'm so into this idea. I look around my scrapping room and see so many things I can use that I haven't used for ages, techniques I haven't done for ages or haven't tried yet. Can't wait. What a cool way to get into altered art if you haven't tried it yet. Creating on a small canvas is so much quicker and fun.So here's my first weeks card, I'm a week behind but working on week 2 now. The prompt for this one was 'Something you are proud of'. Thanks Emily for the inspiration. Can't wait till you come to NZ.

NZ Dare blog has a new dare. Go check it out and leave comments cause we love to hear from you.

Things that make me happy. Got this idea from Elsie Flannigan. I went around today and took snaps of the little things around me that make me happy. Here's some of them.

Emmas new Playboy lamp, the little Playboys catch the light and shine on the wall at night. Soooo cool.

My window decal I stuck on when we first shifted in. Love dolphins.
A picture on the wall of Rob and I when we were 19. A bit faded now.

Rob gave James and Emma these cool clocks for Xmas. They rock back and forward. The boy surfs and the girl dances. So cute.

My gardenMy Friday night happiness. Pretzels and Jim Beam and Diet Coke in my favourite Jim Beam and Diet Coke glass.

These kits make me happy. Here's a cool challenge I want to do too. Check it out.

Take some happy photos and link them here.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Wow, it's been a long time

So anyway I was just going to update my blog finally and also post this layout I had done for the Aussie Dares blog. I was just checking them out as I do regularly and what should I find but that I'd won the dare. How cool is that. I win these cool papers from Scrapapple. Can't wait. The dare was to dig up some old stuff from over a year ago, so I dug up some circle and heart clips and made them into flowers. Fun.

I've been away for awhile in Gisborne. We were there for New Years. A fun night of drinking and dancing. Had a great time catching up with friends. The weather wasn't too hot for Gisborne, in fact I've never ever known Gisborne so cold at that time of year. But we had a couple of days to work on the suntan. It was luverley.

I never make New Years resolutions because I never keep them but this year I'm determined to change a few things. So one of my resolutions was to make an effort to cook nice healthy meals. And so far so good.