Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sky's coming

I'm home for the morning today because Rob's Xmas present is coming. He wanted Sky TV so we're having it installed today and that's his Chrissie pressie.
Emma finishes school tomorrow and of course James finished weeks ago after his exams and he's working at the moment. He'll be 7th form next year - can't believe it. I have one more week of work then holidays I need so badly.
So yeah I'm just mucking around doing housework and waiting for the Sky man. Should be making my Xmas cards I suppose. I just have no mojo for Xmas cards at the mo. Will buy them.


Kirsty said...

Hi Lianne
Yeah - I'm finally set up and can leave comments on everyone's blogs. Have enjoyed reading your blog & seeing what cool projects & layouts you've been creating.

Michelle said...

Yeh about Sky, I would be lost without ours.

Delys said...

Woohoo for Sky! We just love ours -got for Xmas last year.

Anonymous said...

Bet Rob is excited about his Santa pressie. Awesome. I couldn't survive without the kids channels LOL I gave up in the end and just bought the rest of the chrissy cards that I needed LOL