Sunday, February 26, 2006

Last 2

I love the way this layout turned out - the colours, the embellishments etc.

And lastly this one. One of my most favourite.

Friday, February 24, 2006

This one was published in PaperKuts Boy/Girl book. I was so worried about getting it back safely.

I love the photo in this. And the feel of it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

And 2 more

First of all, I'm really looking forward to this Saturday cause it's my first Kiwiscraps Relax n Scrap of the year and I have cool products from Scenic Route and Dirty Laundry. Fun.

And Yolande and I will have news very shortly about Scrapcamp. Oooohh it's going to be cool.

On with the sharing.
This was for a product challenge for a Xmas crop I had 2 years ago. Such a cute photo of Emma.

And I love the colours of this. The photo is printed on Bazzill c/s.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Two more ...

This was another Awards entry layout from 2 years ago. One of my favourites.

And this was my Grassroots DT submission from about a year and a half ago. I really love this too.

Monday, February 20, 2006

About time ...

...I updated my blog. I know, really slack. But to be honest I haven't had alot to write.
Emma has been trialing for netball the last 2 weeks and finds out finally this Thursday which team she made. Her and her friend have been trialing with older girls which is interesting. We'll just have to wait and see. :))
She also joined the Surf Life Saving Club last weekend and is allowed to sit her bronze? this Tuesday night even though she just started - they have been training her all weekend so she might be OK but if not there's another one next month but she might as well try. She's had a great time this weekend with a cool bunch of kids. I'm so pleased she's joined since it's just down the road - I think she'll make a great Lifeguard.
There was a challenge on Chris' blog that she got from Ali's blog about sharing 10 layouts. 10 layouts that are either your favourite; you are most proud of; or that have some significance OR a combination of all. So I'm going to share 2 today (this will give me a good reason to blog) then 2 each time I blog.

I was so proud of this layout, it was my first ever DT layout for Kiwiscraps and I still love it.

And this was one of my entries for For Keeps Awards for Ex, not this time but the time before. And I still love it.

Oooh and I got my Addiction Collection from Tarisota today. Yummo. Can't wait to play. Might help with the creative block I'm experiencing at the mo.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

20 years ago today...

...Rob and I got married. Wow can't believe it. Feels kinda weird today to think 20 years ago we were doing this. I was looking through our wedding photos this morning and it seems so long ago and there was no James and Emma. It seems like they've always been here. We're going out to dinner tonight and James and Emma are coming. I love including them in things like this cause it's not going to be long before they will be livng their own lives.

Has anyone seen the movie The Notebook. It was on Sky last night. OMG how sad. Emma and I with Rob in the middle of us cried our eyes out most of the way through. Cool movie though. Gorgeous story.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Crap and Favourite challenge

Using the 2 papers as seen in the previous post. And I've used a strip of material from Tarisota, a clothing tag from something I bought from Sussan - it seemed to fit the layout nicely I thought. The corners are a new Sizzix die.
So come on is anyone else doing the challenge. Post here if you do.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

A busy busy week

Wow what a busy week at work. And on Wednesday and Thursday nights Emma had netball trials. She was so good. Her shooting and working the court were superb. So good that on Thursday night her and her friend ended up trialing with the much older girls. Hoping she gets into a good team so she can improve her skills.
And James headed off to Raglan for a surf comp on Friday but unfortunately was knocked out of his heat in the last 30 seconds by .1 of a point. SOOOO hard. He was coming second (first and second go through to the next round) and in the last 30 seconds the guy coming third caught a wave giving him as I say .1 of a point more than James. Gutted he was.
Anyway life goes on and there's always another one. Actually he's got the Auckland Scholastics next weekend. That's a regional comp from which they pick a team to go to the Nationals. You have to be attending high school to enter. James has been in the Auckland team for the last 3 years. This year they are going to Dunedin which will be awesome. So hope he makes the team.
Aaannyywwaayy here are the 2 papers I chose for my crap and favourite challenge. I have had the hibiscus paper (no brand name on the back) for ever since I started scrapping I think and just couldn't get rid of it thinking I'll use it one day. So I'm going to, along with the pink dot paper by Shabby Princess. Tune in on Monday for the result I hope.
And I'll leave you with this photo of Emma and I (a little sunburnt - beautiful day yesterday) on Singstar last night. LOL. Lots of fun.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

End of the holidays - boo hoo

Well we survived the weekend. Emma had a cool time.
YAY (not) I started back at work today. Sooo busy. It's always busy the first week back in a school office. James and Emma start school on Thursday but James has had to go into school today and tomorrow to do Peer Support. He's Year 13 (7th form) and they support/look after the new 3rd formers. Oh BTW he did well in his NCEA exams Level 2 - a lot harder than Level 1. He got 108 credits - they have to get 80 to pass. But he didn't do well enough in Maths to take Calculus this year so he's taking Statistics. I think it's a blessing really - I think he may have struggled with Calculus.
Here's another challenge for you. Go here. So drag out that old piece of paper you can't throw away and match it with a new cool piece and see what you come up with. Come on, I dare you. I will be attempting it this week.
And if you haven't uploaded your first ever layout yet please do so and link back here.

An altered Eclipse mint tin.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Emma

Happy Birthday Darling girl. Emma is 14 today.
We had a big clean up inside and outside yesterday. Emma was amazing. She was cleaning cobwebs and wiping cupboards ( I didn't even ask her to). Rob and James mowed the lawns and put the tent up all ready for Emma's friends arriving at 5 o'clock. Twelve 14 year olds. First she opened some gorgeous pressies. Mostly jewellery, clothes, cash and tolietries. Then they went down to the beach for a swim. Then an evening of food, DVD's and Singstar. They had a great time. 5 of them couldn't stay the night but the rest did. They slept in the tent, well I don't think they slept much. It's 9.15 and I haven't seen them yet. And today they'll hopefully just spend most of it at the beach after breakfast. They'll be picked up at 4 o'clock today. Great fun and a great bunch of girls. They were so funny last night on Singstar.