Thursday, June 30, 2011

Receiving Project

I think this is such a great idea. We need to know that we can receive wonderful gifts every day of our life. Even when sometimes it feels like the opposite. I recommend you subscribe to Jo Annas daily emails. They really make you more receptive to the gifts out there for you to receive.
Today I received a beautiful sunny day which allowed me to get some washing dry and just felt great after all the rain. I received a great idea of a present to make for a friends birthday. I received some special attention from someone close. I was given some garlic, yum. We tend to focus a lot on giving and not receiving back.
Anyway go to The Receiving Project and learn about receiving. It gives you a new outlook on life.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

SENZ Class and what to bring etc

It's getting close now. I'm rather excited to go to a scrapbooking expo again, it's been awhile. I always love the atmosphere and catching up with friends and meeting new people. LOVE IT!!

If you are coming to my class or thinking about it, here it is and what you need to bring.
Glue e.g. Glossy accents or Dimensional magic
2 or 3 medium sized Paint brushes
Heat gun (if they have one to save time waiting)
Black Stazon ink pad
Brayer if you have one (will save time waiting to use one)
It really is a fun class with lots of technique covered.

I've been enjoying doing some online classes myself lately. I did this fantastic class of Christy Tomlinson's.
The She Art Workshop

It is so amazing, I learnt so much. I love learning to use different products and new ideas. And Christy is awesome, so much fun! I will post what I've done when I take a photo. I have been using the techniques I learnt in my own art and I'm just loving it.
Through Christy I discovered Pan Pastels. Then, thinking I would never be able to get them here in NZ, to my extreme excitement I discovered them at Takapuna Art Supplies, plus a lot of other products she uses. Can you imagine how excited I was!
So then I wanted to learn more about Pan Pastels. And guess what? Donna Downey is doing an online workshop.
Oh my goodness I say to myself, this is meant to be. So I can't wait to play with the 2 pan pastel colours I have so far, lol. I see a new collection coming up.

We had a late start to our day last Sunday. With all the rain we had over the weekend I think this poor tree couldn't hold on any longer. It just fell right down there over the road, blocking the way in and out of Port Waikato all morning till it was finally cleared away by midday. Glad we weren't going to the airport. The girl in front of us was.