Monday, November 14, 2005

Parenting memories.

James was looking through my recipe drawer (which is chocka full of recipes I have pulled out of magazines or photocopied etc etc) and tucked in amongst them all was a pile of behaviour/tick charts I'd had for the kids when they were young. James must have been 8 and Emma 5. How cute!! I'm so glad I kept them and he found them cause we all had such a laugh looking at them. Here's one of them. They have a row titled 'If naughty - money off & reason' (this is money off pocket money as you probably realise). We were laughing and James and Emma thought it was so funny.
Some reasons on other charts were:
20c off naughty in supermarket (both)
20c off crying and being silly about nothing (Emma)
50c off for being so rude and naughty to Mum (James)
50c off for getting out of control (Emma) - I liked this one LOL.
And I like this one -
40c off hit me twice in shoe shop (Emma). Too funny.
On this chart they both have $1.20 off on Wednesday for hurting each other. They must have had a huge fight. LOL.

Anyway they bought back some great memories and a nice family discussion reminiscing about those days which were not so long ago.


Michelle said...

Wow what a great find Lianne, thats the sort of thing that I would throw away without a second thought but now I will definatly keep those sort of things.
I bet you could turn that into a great page :D

Yolande said...

How cool Lianne! What a laugh - nice to have those memories though. Definately worht a page!

Sophia said...

This sounds like a layout in the making!

Ruth said...

Too cool!!

donna said...

Hi, I am identifying with this today!! My kids are 8 & 6 and this morning would have had ALL pocket money deducted for fighting! Drove to school in silence. Do they improve as they get older?? Please say yes.
PS Love your work. Loved the Waitara Beach one in FK. I was brought up in NPL.
PSS Now can't wait to give them a hug after school!!

Wendy Reed (Wishin4MoreTime) said...

Wow! You need to scrap that!

Delys said...

lol thats too cute alright! What a lovely find. mmm might start doing that with my two....