Friday, November 25, 2005

{Thank God it's Friday}

The end of a busy week. It's a busy time of year with the annual dance production preceded by a week of practices and a dress rehearsal, then the performance. I dread this week every year - arranging transport for Emma and late evenings home. If I thought I was going to get any scrapping done this week I had another thing coming.
So anyway every Friday after work some of our staff go for a drink after work - sometimes a coffee and sometimes a drink drink. I usually can't go because I have things on - going away, having to get kids home, etc etc. So this week I went and we went to the new Robert Harris place in Pukekohe - very nice. So I've heard all about this Chai tea and how nice it is and it's the in thing at the mo. I see on the blackboard they have Chai Latte. So I say I thought Chai was a tea and she says it is, do you want to try a bit. So I say OK and she gives me a small amount in a cup and it's very sweet with froth on top and I say I don't like sweet tea and she says it's not usually that sweet in a proper cup so I say OK I'll try one. Yeah well it is sweet and very spicy and I didn't really like it. It was quite sickly. So I wonder what a normal Chai tea is like - if it is that sweet. But I don't think I'll like it. It sort of tastes like burnt spices I think. I don't know. It keeps repeating on me. I so wanted to have a new tea I liked rather than my good old Earl Grey tea. I don't like Herb tea but I wish I did. It always sounds so cool when people say I had a lovely cup of Peppermint tea to start the day or I had a nice Chamomile tea before I went to bed to relax me - I'm so jealous cause I'd love to like Herb tea. I thought I might be in with the Chai but no no.
Anyhooooo, as Nic says, we went to the Monarch for a drink drink after cause apparently the Robert Harris shop shuts at 3.30. So we got kicked out. Had a nice chat there and one drinky and came home with Emma.
Now James has been going out with his girlfriend for a year today and he is making a nice dinner for her, how sweet is that. He's also bought her a lovely gift - a silver friendship ring (gorgeous) and earrings and I altered a domino box for him to put them in.
So we're waiting for them to come home from touch football for dinner. I'm hungry and Chai tea is repeating on me and I'm going to have a Bourbon and diet coke while we wait. Of course I've started preparing the dinner - I'm making the mince part for James for tacos and we have chocolate mousse - yum. I'm looking forward to seeing what Jayde (James' girlfriend) thinks of her gifts.
AND one more thing - Emma is so excited because she got results today for Social Studies and Maths. She thought she did really bad in Social Studies and discovered today she did extremely well by getting 75% and coming 2nd in her class. She got 71% for Maths. More results to come next week. So she is very happy and I'm very proud of her and that she's happy about it.


Lynda said...

LOL Lianne, your comments on wanting to like herb tea really made my day.

Delys said...

Never tried chai tea before either so thanks for the warning!
Hope James' gf liked her ring and her box!!!
I know about the reheaarsals for dance production and dread it myself (Jens one is late this year) especially as everything else is going on and you have to fit it all in! Im madly scrapping now coz I know I wont get time then!!!

Michelle said...

I went too the new Robert Harris cafe on Wednesday, didn't have a Chai tea though YUCK!!!!but I did have a mocachino YUM YUM!!!, its not bad in there, nice food but very expensive.
You must be so proud of Emma those are awesome exam results.
Hope James GF likes her gifts ( I'm sure she will).
Good luck with Emma's dance production.

lucy said...

WOW!!!!!!!! WTG Emma on the test results. Thats awesome. Bumma bout the chai tea. I'm like you and like my tea plain LOL Hope you all had a nice dinner and the mouuse sounds yummy.

Dianna said...

I tried a chai latte at a friends house and loved it don't give up try again at another place. Although I seriously love coffees.