Saturday, October 08, 2005

Blog cruising - leave me a comment so I can visit your blog.

Just cruising a few blogs today. Left you a message Ruth (Ruth is sad cause no one's left comments lately - I know what you mean Ruth - I love comments too).

Took some photos in to be developed and will pick up this afternoon to complete my final For Keeps Design Team layout.

Nearly finished my Ad Inspiration page - will post later.

Found Rhonna Farrer's blog today.

And here's a funny photo of Emma the other morning.....
hair cut, lots of product in hair, slept on it, voila, just like the ad on TV for pads. ROFL.
Ooohhh bad hair Emma!!!

And here's a nice photo of her.

oops, just joking. silly emma.

Here's the nice one.


Michelle said...

Ha ha you crack me up Lianne, does Emma know you have plastered her BAD HAIR DAy over the net lol

Ruth said...

LOL thanks for the plug about my blog, we'll see if it works.

Nice to see I'm not the only one who has bad hair days.

Megs said...

Hey Lianne, you haven't said if you like the winner of Rockstar INXS?

Am thinking of you and your worry tonight as your son drives home.


kelly edgerton said...

Shes' so cute. I love these pictures. Alyssa makes me delete the bad hair pictures from my camera. With her, it is all about the hair. SIGH. I'm trying to teach her that the hair is just an embellishment to the real person. Slowly, she is getting that.

lucy said...

Wow doesn't the new 'do' just make her look older. Your baby is growing up fast LOL

scrapinfool said...

Hey, found you blog while blog cuising this morning. You can check mine out if you want. Now, I'm back to check out more of your layouts. Thanks for sharing!