Thursday, October 06, 2005

I have a huge worry today. My son and his girlfriend and their 2 friends are driving down to Gisborne today - a 6 - 7 hour drive - for the first time he's driven that far. His friend has his full licence so he's driving most of the way and then James is driving the last bit through the gorge which he knows better than his friend. It's the first time they've driven so far on their own and it is a hard trip. I'm going to worry myself sick all day. The weather is terrible, there's lots of big trucks on the road, there's other crazy drivers, what if they drive too fast and can't handle it. This would have to be my worst worry so far.
James is going down to do a judging course for surfing on Saturday but one of them has to be home for something on Sunday so they are driving back on Saturday night. I am so not happy about that, after a day's course, but his friend will drive I think.
OMG I'm scared.


Ruth said...

fingers crossed for you that they all get there and home safely. I dred the day when Amy grows up and get her own life!!

Keep us posted

Yolande said...

Lianne think happy thoughts... I can only imagine what you are going through... its the other people and the unexpected that can never be taken into account... he'll be fine. Stay positive and I'm sure he'll phone when he gets there safely!

Michelle said...

Lianne I am sure everything will be just fine.

Michelle :o)

kelly edgerton said...

Oh! This is my worry. My daughter doesn't have her license yet, but it is getting so close and I know I will experience these very same feelings in the near future. Hugs to you! And, God be with your son and his friend.