Tuesday, November 22, 2005

So let me explain why I left my post for so long last week. I actually don't know where the week went. I did NO scrapping and hardly looked at the computer. We went to Raglan for the weekend for the Maori Nationals surf comp with James. He made the semifinals in case you wondered but not the finals unfortunately this time, but that's the way it goes sometimes. But wow some awesome surfing was going down there. We have some great talent here in NZ including my son I must say.
So we were getting organised for that and James and Emma have exams at the moment and this week Emma has dance practice every night for her production Thursday night and Saturday morning. I think it is just a busy time of year. And of course I'm busy at work.
So that's my excuse. Hope, hope, hope to get some scrapping done this week and do the Doodle challenge on 2peas from last week and maybe some stuff I could submit, maybe. :))
Yeah so that's it then. Hopefully have some work to share by end of week.
And hey did you know I have a new song on here. You have to wait a minute for it to get started.


Delys said...

Thought I had a virus when that started up the other night when I was lurking! lol tis cool!
Yes busy time of year! What sort of dance does your dd do? Good on James getting into semis.

Ruth said...

wondered where you were!!

Delys said...

Thanks for the ideas on my blog Lianne. My dd does tap and Jazz...hip hop and jazz next year. Shes enjoyed doing the tap but wants to do hip hop (cant do an exam until shes 10) Her production is mid December (Wizard of Oz.

Michelle said...

Hey Lianne, welcome back!!!
I know exactly what you mean, I havn't had any time for scrapping latley....mind you I must addmit the time that I do have, I spend on this darn computer changing how my blog looks and checking out other peoples lol!!!!

Michelle said...

BTW if you check my blog you will find that you have been tagged HEEHEE!!!!

Rach H said...

HI Lianne
thx for popping on mine + saying hi.
I just wanted to say to you I was very excited when I saw your LO in FK's a few mths back about Waitara beach as that place is very much part of our lifes. Kev windsurfs there + I lived in Waitara many moons ago before the OE thing + loved to have a daily walk on the beach.
Your LO, photo + journalling captured it all so well !!!

nic said...

missed you lianne, good to have you back blogging again!