Saturday, August 27, 2005

Rock Star INXS and other ramblings

My favourites last night - Deanna, Marty and Ty. Those people can sing can't they. It's my favourite programme at the mo. Well the only one I really look forward to.

Thanks to those people who have been leaving comments. I love reading them and then I try and visit those blogs and leave comments. It's great to meet new people (so to speak) and catch up with friends.

I finished my first page (yes only my first) for For Keeps Awards for Ex yesterday and started my second. I figure if I can do a page in a day that's five days it doesn't sound so bad. But do you think I can do a page in a day. NO. I usually have to leave it overnight and then come back in the morning with a fresh head. I think I might need glasses cause sometimes if I've been scrapping all day I get quite a bad headache - I don't know if that's from looking so closely all day or the concentration. So if I finish #2 today and #3 tomorrow then next weekend #4 & 5 I should be right, right. But unfortunately you can't plan anything in this household. We'll have to see.

Ooohhh and For Keeps Issue 34 is coming out soon with the first of my Design Team stuff in it. Can't wait to see it. I'm a bit nervous but excited too.

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nic said...

hey Lianne - I've seen issue 34 - I have it in my hot little hands :o)

james is famous :)