Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The best news

I am so multi tasking at the moment - feeding the animals, getting dinner and blogging. I'm so excited. I just got off the phone from lots of calls to relies about some great news we just got.
James was nominated for a position on The Spirit of Adventure sailing ship by my wonderful Aunt who thinks the world of him. There were 17 nominations and they drew names from a hat. His name came out 3rd so yesterday he was a reserve. Today the guy said they were adding 2 more voyages so he had won a position. Awesome. That is the best news. Everything is paid for. It will be such an opportunity for him and one he will never forget. I'm so happy for him.
Also, he's just been to Raglan the last 2 days in a surf comp and he got 3rd. Soo good. He is over the moon.

And my little toot. My Urban Lily page below was accepted for their guest Gallery.
What a great day.


Ruth said...

congrats to James. Cool layout too.

chris said...

hues congrats to James - sounds likes a very "cool adventure and opportunity" I have never been sailing but it looks like a thrilling adventure

cheers for you for the ability to multi-task - I am trying to manage just bloggin and laundry at the moment

love the mixture of the pink and brown and those HKS schizo letters - pretty picture too - very kewl to be included in the UL gallery!

Liz said...


lucy said...

WTG James!!!!!!! That is just so awesome and something I really wanted to do as a kid. Fantastic.

corinne delis said...

sounds like a superb day to me!!


Michelle said...

WTG James what an awesome thing to be part of.
Congrats on being accepted on the UL site, as usual your work is awesome :o)

nic said...

Congrats to james on the raglan surf comp and the spirit of NZ thing - awesome. I've heard great things about it.

Hey and congrats to you on the urban lily gallery :)