Saturday, August 06, 2005


The fire alarm went off this morning and we looked out the back to see huge puffs of smoke coming from down the road a bit. It took ages for the brigade to be able to respond I guess because they didn't have enough members to attend. Engines came from town as well.
We went down to have a look and these poor people's house was just about gone. I saw the look on the woman's face and I'll never forget it. I keep seeing her face. She looked so lost and grieved. Those poor people.
What a sad thing to happen, to lose your house and all your special possessions. It happened to my Mum when she was a girl. They lost everything except the clothes they had on. So sad. I fear it happening to us.


nic said...

I heard the alarm go off today just before lunch. I mentioned to paul that it must be an easterly wind, because we can hear the fire alarm when it blows easterly. Those are the winds that Paul likes to go Kite fishing on.
Fire is one of my big fears too. We do what we can to keep the place safe, the rest is out of our hands, huh?

Ruth said...

how awful for them!