Friday, August 19, 2005

Have a pic.

[This *pick* is a crack up] James liked it.

I've swapped days this week and have today off instead of next Monday. I have so much to do. The last page of 3 for FK to finish and post today. A beginners class to organise for tomorrow, a ScrapCanvas to make and an Ad inspiration page I'd like to complete. No, I can't do all that today. Maybe the first two.
I've neglected this Blog too. Where is UnkyMoods?? I have changed my music video. Love this song - Addicted to Bass by Puretone. Takes a bit to load up though - wait and listen, it's a cool song.
Here's a cool website from a thread on 2peas. My colour is Caribbean Sea. YUM. Playful, Smart, Romantic. :)
It's such a gloriously beautiful day today. Summer's on its way YAY!!

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