Wednesday, September 13, 2006

OMG that was the best Rockstar yet. Weren't they AMAZING. Who's going to win!!


Anonymous said...

omg I new u would watch it, so I was glued to the tv... d is my vote, the chick with the amazingly wicked hair.... and Lucas are my favs.... lol u so need to dare a rock star.

Janine said...

I think Delana or Toby!! I can't decide which one though.

Dianna said...

I think Lukas is so cool but think either Dilana or Toby will win. But still plugging for Lukas.

Rach H said...

wow awesome show last night!!!
Got to say i thought Dilana was rocking it the best last night, then Toby, Lukas + then Magni - his own song let him down I reckon.
woohhoooo can't wait till tonight.
Ya reckon the Supernova guys have made their minds up already??