Saturday, September 16, 2006

Not my fault

I tried to blog last night but something was wrong with Blogger. I couldn't get into it. Honestly I tried. I've been doing so well with blogging every day. It's not easy you know.
Glitter is back. Check out these new Making Memories products. I'm inspired to get out the Jac paper and the punches and plaaaaay.
I'm going to Yolandes today. We gonna have fun while we sort out Scrapcamp stuff.


Sandra said...

I believe you. Blogger was 'absent' for a while. Now you and Yolande behave today. Scrapcamp needs to be serious!!!
(any chance of you guys getting a copy of that movie 'Scrapped' to show at scrapcamp. It sounds hilarious.) PS: My $$ is coming...honest

Penny said...

Kewl! I confess to magpie tendencies ;)