Saturday, September 02, 2006

I'm here ...

... yes I am. Home from work and straight to the blogger.

2 things:
Ali W's cool as article in the latest Scrapbook Creations - go Ali. I have it in my hot little hand and it's great.

And in the other hand, the latest For Keeps and the new Design Team. Sharon is this you? I think it is. Way to go. Have fun.

See ya tomorrow.


Janine said...

Well done Lianne on posting again. Oh I want to see those mags!!! How exciting another kiwi on the design team.

Ali Dub said...

Awesome - Lianne is blogging again..... and she mentioned moi! Very cool - Love that pic of you in the Ad for your store - makes me smile.

scrapgeek said...

Err - yes. I have been trying to figure out when I could tell people - I guess the time is now :-)

karen said...

a daily update PLUS gossip!!
congrats to Ali and Sharon!