Thursday, September 14, 2006


Well that didn't go to plan. I'm a little disappointed Toby or Dilana didn't win. I'm quite gutted actually. But I guess they thought Lucas was the one. I think Toby would have been better. Though in listening to Lucas singing at the end he really had more of the husky rock voice. Toby was more punk. Dilana was incredible though. When Toby went I was sure she was going to win.
Oh well, both Dilana and Toby will make it on their own anyways.

Keep up the daily blogging folks!!


Rach H said...

OK I was gobsmacked that Lukas won. Don't get me wrong he has talent to boot!! But personally I didn't think he suited the band....he was more like a 1 man show. I was shocked to when they said goodbye to Toby + well I was disappointed that Dilana didn't win either.
So what are we going to watch now on Wednesdays + Thursdays??

Michelle said...

Yep I was hugely disappointed too. I really thought Toby was going to win, but I am sure he will have an amazing singing career without having to belong to a band of well known rockers. Now that Lukas won I don't think I would go to a concert if they come to NZ and I don't think I would buy any albums either.....Now if it was Toby or Dilana that won that would be a different story lol!!!
Can't wait to see what Dilana and Toby do in the future thought...I would definitely buy both there albums :)

Dianna said...

I was wrapped he won although didn't think he was as right for them as Dilana.
Have to agree with Rach what to do on WEd and Thurs now.