Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Years in Port Waikato

Port Waikato heats up again - literally. Yes this is the result of what the local fire brigade and many volunteers including Rob (who used to be in the fire brigade here) and Neil our friend dealt with late yesterday afternoon. The wind was blowing quite hard onshore and the fire just spread so fast through the dry grass. Man it was scary. The fire was where I go for walks with our dogs. You can see the track through what used to be over my head grasses toi tois and trees. The worry was a group of huge pine trees that if they had caught it would have been all on. So I went over this morning and took these photos. So sad and devastating. Emma and Rosie are walking on my track.


Michelle said...

OMG Lianne that's awfull, so glad thing got under control and it didn't spread further than it did.

Happy New Year

Ruth said...

wow amazing photos - glad they got the fire under control before any more damage was done

Julie said...

OMG Lianne. How terrible. There was a fire near us in National Park yesterday too.

Happy New Year.

Delys said...

Total devastation there Lianne..arent those firefighters great!

nic said...

OMG Lianne!!! the wind and heat out there is amazing, huh?

Rach H said...

how scarey was that??!!!!
lucky they got it under control so quickly.

karen said...

Lianne, that is so scarey. We've just come back from a trip north of Auckland via Port Waikato - my man says he's lived in the Waikato for 6oplus years and only 'now' he can say he's visited Port Waikato at last(!)- and I'm reading your blog and am astonished we didn't notice the aftermath of the fire. What a sight. Glad to hear it didn't reach the pines and spread further.