Saturday, January 14, 2006

I just can't scrap when my family are around esp DH. He gets grumpy when I'm always on the computer or in my little room.
But I managed to do this page yesterday - Yolande will be impressed I think - had my first try at handstitching, was quite pleased with it, only thing was I got a sore back does this happen to anyone else.
And if I don't get my orange layout done I realised I had this card I did the other day for Grassroots DT project. And I think I may have been inspired by Yolandes card for this though I didn't realise it at the time.
And I think I missed something. I read on Ngaire Bartlam and Kim Archer's blogs about hurtful stuff happening online somewhere. Can someone please fill me in, please. I like to know these things.


Yolande said...

Love the stitching around the letters - I was going to try that on my next layout on my table - hard case! Looks awesome
Sorry not in the know about the "bad stuff" but maybe it could be about Papercuts magazine which has folded??
Love the card - cool colours huh?

Ruth said...

love the card Lianne - nice mute orange, cool

lianne said...

No not Paperkuts, I think in Aussie somewhere.

Michelle said...

Hey your DH sound exactly like mine, maybe they should get together they would probably get on like a house on fire lol.
Awesome page, I love the stitching around the leters what a neat idea, might have to give that a go myself.
Sorry I can't help on the "bad stuff" now I an curious to know what its about to.
I know that paperkuts closed down because the company that was hired to manage them didn't do a very good job and run them into the ground.

Delys said...

Youve got me interested in the goss now! Love that page and stitching is great....great idea. I dont get a sore back but I get sore hands.Love the card too.

karen said...

Hi Lianne
Saw the bad stuff comments on some Aussie blogs, apparently people imagining 'tall poppies' and something about 'too much Kraft' as backgrounds, on one of the forums? I understand the Truly Offensive material has been removed from the forum, and hopefully the tall poppies are continuing to do their thing and the people who don't want to follow the tall poppies can go set their own 'guidelines' for scrapbooking.
Perhaps best to avoid the Aussie forums for a week or so!!

nic said...

i was away when it all went down, but basically it was bashing of a few of the more well known girls for their use of Kraft cardstock, 8.5x11 trends , etc. The main threads have been pulled from BB which is why you cant find them probably. nic wright and ros had some on their blogs too. Its just sad it can get so nasty.

Anonymous said...

You don't w3ant to know about all that was all just crazy. Started fropm some rather disgruntled people with an insensitive nature and ended with allot of hurt feelings. All bad in my books.

Love your work. The grassroots stuff is really you. Your a star!

Miss yah!