Tuesday, January 31, 2006

You would think ...

if you had the whole weekend to yourself you would get lots done wouldn't you.
I was home alone for 3 days and did I do much, not really. It was too hot to even think. The humidity was terrible. I got a few things done including Dallas' RAK.
On it's way to you today Dallas.
But not what I had intended. I played a bit with Photoshop :)) and learnt lots more which was a bonus.
I only just finished this page today using the super cool Kaleidoscope papers.
And Emma's learning to surf at the mo so did this for her - a photo collage in Photoshop. Now to make a new banner hehe. Too much time on this jolly computer. Once I learn a new thing I have to keep going till I get it mastered. Lucky it's the holidays.
I thought of a good blog challenge too. Post your very first and it has to be your very first layout you ever did and your most recent layout. Come on, I dare you. Show them to me and everyone. I've just got to scan mine and I promise I'll upload it tonight.


Michelle Tibble-Williams said...

That looks awesome. I'm back at work now so no time to play so am jealous... what version have you got of PS!

Michelle said...

Great Challange Lianne, I will take a digi photo and post it ASAP.

I sort of got my Sky Tv fixed, we can veiw all of the channels but the reception is crap!!!!
note to self "leave all technical things to the experts" lol!!!

The photos look aewsome, I have just brought Microsoft Digital Image Pro 7 ( can't afford PS) from Trade Me for $40 it should arrive in the mail in the next day or two...the good thing is that it is set up to use PS plug ins so I should be able to download and use some of the PS brushes that are available YEH!!!!

catch ya