Friday, January 27, 2006

Narnia - a must see.

Wow if you haven't seen Narnia yet, GO. And you have to see it on the big screen. What a wonderful movie. James and I went on Wednesday night and I loved it so much. Aslan is just awesome.
Love Keisha's stuff. Awesome.
Have been playing more in photoshop. Will add pics later. Have to take Emma shopping for her birthday today.


karen said...

happy birthday to Emma
and glad to hear the Narnia movie was fun ... we might have to check it out since it's directed by my favourite director (LOL check out my tag list of four's "the IT girl on Jan16")

Delys said...

I loved Narnia too. Happy Birthday to Emma and have fun shopping!

Anonymous said...

I hope we can get to Narnia soon - everyone sounds so positive about it. How's the photoshop thing going?

karen said...

Hah! I see a new photoshop piccie! Good work Lianne, looks as if you've been learning lots.