Friday, September 09, 2005


Just watched Rock Star INXS and I must say it just gets better and better. I don't know who was my favourite tonight. I enjoyed Deanna's song that she and Ty wrote. Suzy and Ty were great. They were all good tonight.

Looking forward to my Scrap Canvas class tomorrow and we're going to do some Bleach Stamping at the crop after. And it is safe for scrapbooking. Once it has dried, it evaporates and then it is safe with your photos. And it is safe to use with rubber stamps. Apparently it is a great stamp cleaner.


Jennifer Stewart said...

That class sounds like lots of fun!! I haven't tried bleaching yet. :) Your work is beautiful!


Michelle said...

I liked Ty and Deanna last night, Mig's song was alright but I think he has sung better in the past.
Oh I can't wait for your class today and I love using bleach to do stamping.