Tuesday, September 20, 2005

If you were a dog ...

What would you do if you were a dog & you'd been sharing a kennel with another dog much bigger than yourself & your owners bought you a nice new kennel of your own?
Wouldn't you be thankful and run straight in there & really look like you loved it or would you hop back in the other kennel you snugly share with your mate and not have a bar of the new one.
Yes well, we bought our dog Rio a new kennel because our big dog Otis gets stuck in the end with his nose poking out and Rio is all snug in the back. Hoping that Rio would like his new kennel and leave the other one for Otis so he would be snug too. But noooo. Rio likes being all snug at the back against the nice warm Otis and Otis obviously doesn't mind having his nose poking out in rain, hail or wind. He can fit in the new kennel too. I think they keep each other warm. So we have a new empty kennel. Well here's hoping when summer eventually comes they use it cause it'll be too hot in the other one.
What's with this weather anyway. So flippin freezing. Feels like it should be snowing here.

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Ruth said...

Maybe they're a couple!