Monday, September 12, 2005

I've finished my For Keeps Awards for Excellence pages and I'm sending them tomorrow. Yay.

And what a nice day it is today - nice and warm, though in saying that we haven't had rain for a bit and our water tank is getting low. Hopefully it will rain before the school holidays in 2 weeks time and then be nice for the holidays.

For ages now I seem to have been doing pages that I can't show anyone cause they're for a competition or magazine, so this week I want to do layouts I can post - that is of course if they are good enough. Hope to do one tonight. And I've been dying to Scraplift this awesome lady. I've never intentionally scraplifted anyone cause I haven't wanted to but I feel the need to scraplift her. I love her pages.


Michelle said...

Congrats on finishing your For Keeps Awards for Excellence pages Lianne.
You are right this ladies pages are awesome I think i might have to scraplift some ideas from her too.

Ruth said...

Good luck with your entry (I have my little list of winners)