Sunday, September 04, 2005

Mig was awesome

Rock Star INXS once again rocked. How was Mig - so good. I also liked Suzy and Ty. Tell me who your favourite is.

Emma sat a very hard Tap dancing exam on Thursday and she thinks she did OK. She had to make part of it up herself. She's got two more grades to go till she has done them all and it's hard convincing her to keep going. Each grade now takes two years so she has 4 more years. I so want her to finish because she is very good and I love watching her dance.

I was driving home after taking Emma into town yesterday, and this happens quite often, I'll be thinking about a layout and all these ideas for journalling etc come flooding into my head and I can't write them down cause I'm driving and I try so hard to remember them, but I get distracted and forget them and thenI get so p...ed off cause it was a really good idea. The problem is I'm in the car for usually about an hour. I need one of those hand recorder thingees.


nic said...

I would out money on Marty winning. I think jordis deserves a contract, but she isn't the lead singer for INXS... She is like a new Alanis Morrisette, ya know? She'll go a long way, but not with INXS.

Marty will win it - I'd put money on it..


Michelle said...

Mig is was my fav this week but I like Jordis, but like Nic said I can't see her frontihg for INXS.

Cami said...

Love Jordis. Think Mig is HOT! And I recall tap exams... I was a ballerina, but also took tap & jazz for many, many years. So neat. My 7 yo dd has ZERO interest & that's okay... More time to watch INXS find a frontman!