Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thoughts for the day

I'm getting used to my hair now. I had a haircut yesterday and the hairdresser said I just need to touch up a couple of patches and it'll be fine.

I am spending way too much time on this computer instead of scrapping. When I'm at work I crave for the time to scrap and now it's the holidays and I have time I can't get motivated. Tonight I'm going to scrapbook. I thought I might have a go at the latest Ad Inspiration challenge on 2peas.

I'm so sick of this wet winter. I loathe winter and long for summer and dry hot days.

Check out this cool site to see what colour profile you are. I found it on someone elses blog.
I love blogs that have links to cool sites.


Jennifer Stewart said...

Well, I couldn't figure out why you were saying it was such a wet winter, haha. Then I saw you are in New Zealand! Ahhh for some cold weather here in HOT Texas :)

I hope you DO get to scrap tonight!

nic said...

hey and lianne, can you come back to my house, I need to see your hair! lol Didnt notice, dammit.

Ruth said...

can't wait to see the new hairdo Lianne