Monday, July 18, 2005


What is it about competition, any type of competition. It can be so heartbreaking if you don't get anywhere - especially when you've done it before and you know you can do it.
Poor James. He was knocked out early in the surf comp on Saturday and was devastated especially when he knows he can do better and has made finals and won comps before. It's also heart wrenching for the parents who know the same thing. But unfortunately it all comes down to how you perform on the day and some of it is luck. You have 20 minutes to pull off the best surfing you can which is hard if the waves don't come through where you are sitting.
Yes, it can put you off especially if your last comp was just as bad. You get into that mindset that you can't perform on the day, on demand. What can you do about it?
I think you are either a competition surfer, swimmer, any sports person or not. It's usually the same people that always win. And they know they are going to win. How do you get into that mindset? That you know you are going to do well.
I think it's how badly you want something too. If you want something bad enough you have to put yourself out there; be seen, be heard.
My son is a great surfer and I hate seeing his heart sink and he lose confidence in himself.

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doris said...

awesome pic. hope his next competition is an awesome one.