Friday, July 15, 2005

Oh dear

Weeeellll. While I was at the supermarket yesterday I passed the hair dye shelf and I thought I should have a go at dyeing my hair myself instead of spending a fortune at the hairdressers - since it's the holidays, if anything goes wrong it dosen't matter.
I wanted to be that nice white blonde. The packet looked perfect, but I had doubts whether my hair would go that blonde and instead go a yellow blonde as it has done before. I should have known from the pavlova experience.
So anyway I got Emma to help me and she did it perfectly, everything she's supposed to (she wants to be a hairdresser) and I washed it and dried it and oops it had gone a goldy blonde not white blonde like I wanted but not yellow either a sort of golden blonde which was OK except it was too blonde in the front and now I look like a pale freak.
Why me. So I can't do anything about it till next week cause I have to take James to a surf comp this weekend. I hope it's really cold and I have to wear a hat.

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