Thursday, December 05, 2013

Journal Your Christmas

Day 3 - Plan for Happiness

Yes it's always a busy hectic day. This year I have a little more time to do some planning and I'm hoping family will come to us for dinner. We have a traditional get together with my side of the family for lunch, which is at my sisters this year. So we will drive there and then hopefully home to have Rob's family for the night.

We have some food and drink traditions. The first is to soak sultanas in rum for a few weeks before Xmas to make rum truffles with. Today I will buy all the ingredients to make them along with ingredients for Canadian Roll (or lolly cake) another tradition, fruit cake and peppermint bark.

I love a glass or two of Lindhauer Fraise on Xmas Day. Just something about it. With strawberries floating in it yum. And I can't believe I don't have a photo. On the list!!
So here's to Happiness this Xmas. Or Harikoa in Maori.

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