Thursday, December 12, 2013

Journal Your Christmas

Day 8 - Oh Christmas Tree

My lovely black Christmas tree, I know the photo is black and white with a touch of red, but the tree is actually black. This photo from Xmas 2010. The skating snowman is one of my favorite ornaments but I have more favourites that I have collected over the years.

Day 9 - Special Treats
I look forward to Christmas mince pies, and candy sticks are fun to put on the tree. The kids would sneak them when they were little especially James. Oh I love Ferrero Rocher chocolates at Christmas time. Christmas lights. I love to put them everywhere.

Day 10 - What do I want for Christmas?
I've made a list of things for everyone else but what do I want?
I always want shoes and clothes. And I want to start an Evolve bracelet - like Pandora but NZ themed beads. SOOOO cute. But that's for my birthday. I'd love a Himalayan Salt lamp. That's all really.

Happy Shopping :)

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