Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Journal Your Christmas

Day 2 - First signs
I've never noticed before how beautiful flax flowers are in full bloom. Are they always like this, does it really mean a long hot summer? I hope so. I noticed the tuis were loving these flowers the other day and thought never in my life have I seen such a stunning display of flax flowers. All out at once. To us in NZ, Christmas is summer and this is a sign of summer to me. The Pohutukawa trees flowering is another sign of summer, our Christmas flowers.

Another first sign of Christmas is the usual shop advertising and displays. All the extra rubbish mail that arrives in the letterbox. Putting the Christmas tree up. I seem to do it earlier each year. I want to hold on to Christmas as long as possible. Thinking about Christmas food and what to make/have.
Journal Your Christmas

Happy Rainy Day. Good for the garden and the water tanks. :)

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