Monday, December 09, 2013

Journal Your Christmas

Day 5 - Christmas cards

Hhmmm well, yes I want to make my own Christmas cards this year and yes I should because I still have time, but I can't come up with a design I like. So maybe I should just buy some. No, I need to make them and I will. I didn't even send any last year so it's highly likely we won't be getting many this year.

Day 6 - Cozy Christmas

How to make our Christmas cozy this year instead of stressful.
Things to still do -
Make treats next weekend
Finish present shopping this week
Wrap presents ready to take to Emma's
Buy a ham

Day 7 - Taking It All In

Christmas time is a sensory overload especially down here in NZ because it is the start of summer. It is the start of my favorite time of year.
I love the feel of the sun getting warmer at the start of summer.
The taste of summer cooking - fresh fruits, salads and BBQs
Seeing the Christmas lights everywhere - twinkling at night or in shop windows
The smells of Christmas - pine, cinnamon, mint
Hearing Christmas carols on the radio.

I just want to take it all in and savor every sense of Christmas and summer.

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Cherie said...

Keep calm is right. I always leave Christmas to the last minute. The kids turned 10 yesterday and I don't do Xmas till after their birthdays. I have made and not sent so many xmas cards over the years that I think I must be a grinch. Have a happy, happy Xmas. xx