Thursday, February 03, 2011

Rearing to go!

I told myself I would start blogging again on 1st Feb. Only 2 days late. But here I am and rearing to go.
I have been addicted to this cool site called Pinterest. You know how you find cool images/sites on the web and you bookmark/fav them and then you spend ages searching for them. You know you saved it somewhere. Well now you can just Pin it on Pinterest, like a virtual storage of all the cool things you love. All in one place and easy to access straight away. You need to request an invite but it is definitely worth it. Check out the cool stuff on my Pinboard.

And the other cool one, which is similar, is Tumblr. I have been on Tumblr a bit longer but then I heard about Pinterest. I like them both. Here is my Tumblr link.

I have been sewing little curtains, will post a pic tomorrow. Planning things for round the home. I really want to create a Handmade Home. I have been so inspired by all the wonderful ideas on the net. I have started a crotcheted blanket, just simple coloured squares for my first one and a simple fat quarter quilt.

I'm also looking forward to doing some scrapbooking and art now I'm working shorter hours.

Also becoming extremely excited about my Autumn Escape Class. I can't believe how fast it is coming up.

So I'll leave you with some recent photos and I'll be back tomorrow.

I made this canvas for Xmas. It has little LED poked through holes in the canvas that light up the tree.
One of my precious possessions. I can't remember when I bought this, but it has been tucked away in the cupboard and now I'm bringing it out in the open. Love it to bits.
Back tomorrow


Cherienz said...

OMG she blogs again!! lol. I take it you have been working flat out over summer?? Me too. Need some extra creative time now the kids are back to school. Can't wait for Autumn Escape too...

Lisa said...

Hey that Pinterest site is cool, going to join otherwise I have a huge list of bookmarks on different computers!! Have you also heard about Stumbleupon, thats a really good site too, Nick got me on to it. Can't believe you finally circumed to a quilt!!!....LOL