Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Record Bowls and Sprouts

Something I've started making again that I used to do years ago was make my own sprouts. They are so yummy in salads, stir fries or just on toast with peanut butter esp brown lentil sprouts. If you haven't tried them you must. So easy to do. And they look so healthy and fresh.

And yesterday James made some homemade pesto since we have a heap of basil growing. So yesterdays lunch was toast above with pesto, peanut butter and brown lentil sprouts on it, delicious and tasty.
How cool are these record bowls. I saw the easiest instructions on TV the other night on Kirsties Handmade Home on the Living Channel. Cool programme. You just set your oven to 150 C, no hotter or the fumes come off the record, then put in your record over a cup as below for only a minute till it droops over the sides of the cup.
Then you just carefully, it's quite hot, help mould it into the shape you want. So cool. I've seen them at craft fairs but didn't realise how easy they are to do. FUN!! So there you go.
And here they are, we thought we'd put plants in them.
See you soon.


Janine said...

I love that programme and have it on MySky series link. I loved watching her last year redecorate her own home. A friend made me a bowl last year from a pink record, however she boiled it in hot water. I like Kirstie's version better.

Lisa said...

Hey they are cool!!

Sonya said...

Very cool Lianne, Im going to have to give this a go! :-)

Michele said...

WOW these are cool. However I am not sure I can bring myself to do this to old records. It's like ripping pages out of books. I was recently told to look on it as recycling (doing my bit for the planet). I think I will give it a go.