Friday, February 11, 2011

Teresa Collins Stampmaker

FiNALLY got to try out my Teresa Collins Stampmaker today. I wanted to use my own images. It took me all day to make the images, I couldn't open the Imagepac software on my Mac. Then after I'd finished I found some instructions for a Mac in the box. Always the way. Next time. I still worked my way through it and these are the stamps I made. A couple are a bit dodgy but I know what I did wrong and next time they'll be even better. I'm definitely rapt with it. I thought the music background one hadn't turned out but when I inked it, it came up good, a bit grungy but that's even better.
Here's the ones I made today.
Things to remember for next time.
Don't scrub image too hard when cleaning or you'll break or lose parts of image e.g the side of the birdcage and lost parts of letters on the 'create something beautiful' stamps.
Make sure the image is completely blacked out around edge to the A7 or A8 size e.g 'the longer I live ' and scroll stamps. The edge will hard as well if it is not black around the edge.

It was definitely addictive and I know next time will be even better. Can't wait.

Back soon


LesleyC said...

These are awesome Lianne. Inspired me to use mine!

Lisa said...

looks cool Lianne, I just have to work on getting my images blacker, the sample images in the box turned out perfectly when I made them.