Friday, April 28, 2006

Just got my For Keeps Issue #42 and OMG I have to say being a NZer the NZ girls are so rockin this issue. So many cool pages. Awesome issue. Heaps of cool Aussie chicks pages too. In fact it's all cool.

Thanks Nic for the Freestyle blog link. I am so badly hanging out for this book.

Watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory today with Emma on Sky Box Office. It was OK. I love Johnny Depp but preferred him in Pirates of the Carribean and Chocolat - mmmmm hot.

Have new music - Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez - nice and mellow.

Found this cool website - Poppy Ink. Love Heather Burch's stuff - check out her stuff in the gallery.


Rach H said...

Lianne I LOVE your tea LO .........very cool.
And YES poppyink rocks!!! I love Heathers work + find her work so inspiring!! She's one of my fav's atm!! I even applied for her DT.
Hey was looking for James name in the paper here with the surfing as the Naki always covers that sport well. And yep it was scary stuff regarding Kev. He swam in + went way wide. Lucky for wet suits eh!!! And YAY his insurance has come through. He's off to Auckland next week to get new gear!!!
and YEAH how many sleeps to camp??
can't wait!!

Lara said...

thanks for that link - looks very cool. How's the new job going?

Ruth said...

How was your first day in the new job??? LOL I meant to ring up and ask some annoying questions, but forgot!! Porbably just as well!

Donna said...

Just had to say I LOVE your tea layout. Gorgeous paper, flourishes and my fav brackets!

karen said...

Loving that Freestyle blog link too.
How's the new job? And do they have the new Freestyle book there???

Chris Millar said...

I just picked up the freestyle book on the weekend! Very, very cool!
Can't believe I'm always the last one to get my FK! Hope it's here tomorrow!

Michelle said...

I love your tea page...I never think to take pics like that lol!!!
Glad to here your first day in your new job went well.

M xoxo

janinek said...

Hi Lianne I love the layout below!! I love the way you have cut the velvet flourishes out...sooo textural..mmmmm love it!!