Friday, April 21, 2006

Slack again!! Time for an update.

I had the awesomest day yesterday. I met Yolande and Sharon in Hamilton and we had heaps of fun shopping, eating a yummy lunch and having lots of laughs. Was Greaatt. Just what the doctor ordered.
I'm having a button thing at the mo (among other things) so bought lots of cool buttons, and we went a bit mad (yeah silly, crazy) in the material department of Spotlight. Was very funny. Cooool material.

Yolande and I talked heaps about Scrapcamp. It's going to be so cool. We have good things planned. Cool classes, delicious demos, great games and challenges; and of course scrumptious supplies for sale. Oohh yeah it's going to be good.

In other news, my boy is doing extremely well in the National Scholastics surf comp in Dunedin this week. He has made it to the semi-finals. Yeehaa. Go James.

I start my new job on Monday 1st May at Scrappin Downunder in Takanini. Working in the shop 3 days and also designing and running classes. Cool fun. Can't wait.

That's it for now.
Thanks for visiting my blog.


karen said...

Hi Lianne Sounds like a really fun SHOPPING day ... I'm looking forward to scrapcamp, especially when you and Yolande spill a few more details ... Is Nic still providing entertainment??? LOL

Penny said...

so wish I was going to scrapcamp, but I shall have to live vicariously through those who do! Make sure you take lots of pics of the punters so I can see what you got up to!
Enjoy your new job :)

Lara said...

hope he has an 'antarctic' wetsuit for surfing down here -too cold! Your Scrap Camp sounds great.

Michelle said...

Hi Lianne,
Sounds like a fun day was had by all on your little shopping trip.
Yeh you are going to be doing some classes at Scrappin Downunder I will definatly be attending some of those.
Good luck for your first day at your new job...I will be thinking of you


Chris Millar said...

I'm going to get more and more jealous of this scrap camp as it gets closer!LOL Wow, your new job sounds fantastic! Congrats to James!

Delys said...

Good to here of your plans at scrapping downunder..I have been there! and was planning on visiting you when I came up for the DOnny O concert ...but thats not happening now so thats a b8mmer!Go James! And he will have to tuff it out in that temp/weather...but what a great experience for him!(ex Dunedinite here)

Yolande said...

yeah it was a way cool day. But where's the pic I so took of you outside the french tart cafe? I wanna see it here!!!! And BTW I was the sensible one being hit in the EYE (not back) with the material tubes... you girls had me laughing though.
Go James... positive thoughts...fingers crossed and all that.
Can't wait for camp. Yeah of course Nic has the entertainment sorted karen. Do you have your diet coke packed?

Megan said...

Good luck for your first day! I'm sure it will be great! you will have to post what sort of things they have there, I have never been!

Tash said...

Lucky you lianne getting to work in a scrapbooking shop. Soooo looking forward to scrapcamp - see you there!

Anonymous said...

Lianne, I actually live about 5 mins max from Scrapping Downunder so will have to pop in and say Hi. This is Scrappygirl from the KS forum...Have a great first day - Cheers, Debbie

Rach H said...

congrats on the job at the scrapbooking shop.
and well done James.
So looking forward to scrapcamp too!!

Michelle Tibble-Williams said...

Yeah for scrapcamp!! Looking forard to it:)

Kirsty said...

Enjoy your new job at Scrappin Downunder how an exciting. You & Yolande sound like you were getting over-excited with the material rolls at Spotlight! Sounds like you had a great day together.

Lynda said...

Good luck for your new job Lianne. My mother lives in Papakura and we drive past that shop on our way there in our bid to miss the town traffic. I would be interested to know what sort of classes you will do, especially ones during the day. Mum is keen to get into cardmaking in particular but not keen to go out at night.