Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Surfing and photo printers

Picked up James from the airport yesterday. He had a great time. He came 3rd in the semi's so unfortunately didn't make the finals but he did so well to get that far. He's so lucky to get around to these different places to surf. He'd never been to the South Island before and esp to Dunedin which is renowned for good big surf.
Someone was asking about surfing in the cold water - he has a winter wetsuit and also booties so no worries there.
They had an awesome uniform (which they keep) - sponsored by Globe - hat, t-shirt, jacket, black denim pants, shoes and socks. Here's a pic of him in it - cool jacket; it's reversible. I'm so glad he made the Auckland Scholastics team this year as this is his last year at school so won't qualify for it after this year. He has been in the Auckland team for the last 4 years so he's had a good run.

Guess what!! After spending the day with Yolande and Sharon in Hamilton the other day and seeing Sharons cool Epson Picturemate printer I had to get one. So I got it yesterday. Yolande has bought one too. Sooo cool to print photos straight away and great quality too. I couldn't believe it when I first saw Sharon's - Yolande and I just looked at each other and we both knew we had to have one. Funny. Now I just need a new sewing machine.

Off to pick up Emma today who's been away for a week at our friends place on the North Shore. So we'll be a full family house again.
It's pouring with rain here at the mo - hope the Anzac parades don't get ruined.


lucy said...

Wow cool jacket James and Congrats!! Thats awesome. I can just imagine you three ladies on the loose in Hamilton. What a blast LOL Can't wait for scrapcamp. You guys have put so much hard work into this. Love ya

Yolande said...

I agree that jacket looks awesome! And way to go James on doing so well in the comp.
I'm loving my printer so much and thanks for the tip on the scanner cable - mine fits too. Guess with all the rain today here too I'll be stuck inside with nothing better to do than print more photos to scrap. Bugger! Looking forward to scrapcamp too Lucy!

Michelle Tibble-Williams said...

Hey what an awesome run for James n his team. Went to buy me a printermate today but bugga it Dick Smith was closed. Couldnt wait till my birthday.

Michelle said...

aww no far I want one too ( a picture-mate that is) I would love to be able to print off my photos instantly.

WTG James for getting into the semis that's an awesome achievement.

M xoxo

karen said...

Go the picture-mate!! I'm wondering what I'm missing out on!
Maybe I can't wait for online photo-printing to be delivered anymore ... can I????

Delys said...

Awesome uniform for James and congrats for doing so well.
I have looked at a picture mate too...and I have a birthday coming up too!!Yeah!