Sunday, April 02, 2006

60 people for Scrapcamp!! Wow!!

That went fast - the days between last time I blogged and now.

I see Yolande has updated her blog; and I also see we have 60 people for Scrapcamp. How cool is that!! Can't wait to meet you all.

Yesterday we went to a wedding. What a lovely wedding it was too. The couple were actually friends of James' through surfing. When we first shifted to Port Waikato James made friends with Josh and Jacob - brothers from a lovely lovely family - and we have gotten to know them really well over the last few years. Josh married Marlies yesterday.
Anyway the reception was at a school out in the country and I found this cool mural painted on a wall in the school grounds of NZ native birds, plants and animals.
Quite like this photo James took of me in front of it. Check out the Kereru (wood pigeon) looking at me.

And a better look at the mural with James and his girlfriend Jayde in front of it. LOL at the Tuatara.


Trina said...

Wow, cool mural and cute pics! LOL at the tuatara!!!!!

And 60 people for scrapcamp?! Wow, so good. Can't wait.

Ruth said...

Plus ME!!!!!!

Lara said...

great mural & fun pictures. Great number for SC!

Anonymous said...

WOW that is such a cool painting. Awesome!!!!!!!!!! LOL about the tuatara too. very very funny. And the fantail sticking out of his head.


karen said...

Nice mural! What's the name of the school ... I wanna visit!!
And 66 at scrapcamp (plus Ruth): can't wait to meet everyone ... will there be time to say hello to everyone - and do classes - in only two days??

Michelle said...

Wish i was going to camp too :( but because I am going to CC06 the finances are already streched as far as they can go.
What a cool mural, lol on the tuatara.


Anonymous said...

Great photos. I'd keep an eye on that Tuatara - James is way too cute.

Chris Millar said...

Wow, what a fantastic amount you've got coming to scrapcamp! Wish I could be there too!!

Ali Dub said...

Yeah! So looking forward to scrapcamp - someone just emailed me and told me to take EARPLUGS Lol!

Ruth said...

Cool mural, I see what you mean about the tuatara lol. Your james looks like a hottie! (don't tell him a 39 year old said that about him though will ya? lol)

Rach H said...

YEP lianne can't wait to meet you too!! looking forward to a fun girlie weekend away!!!
Great mural........I hope james knows we are all having a good laugh!!!