Friday, February 24, 2006

This one was published in PaperKuts Boy/Girl book. I was so worried about getting it back safely.

I love the photo in this. And the feel of it.


Chris Millar said...

Love seeing all your layouts Lianne, each one very special!

karen said...

Lianne, love these two too. The blue-grey cardstock gives a dreamy quality to the layout. Yum. I can see you'd be worried about making sure you got the published layout back!

nic said...

I love seeing your fav layouts!! It's so cool to see older layouts of friends, because i think we remember them too. Very cool.


Delys said...

I love seeing all of your favourites Lianne! Keep em coming!!

Kirsty said...

Me too. Enjoying looking at your fav layouts. Enjoy your RnS today.

Michelle said...

I love seeing your favorites!!!!
Your SURFER page is one of my favorites too.
Thanks for yeasterday, I had a ton of fun....I even manged to get 2 layouts finished and one that I think I will finish today. I have decided that I will try out for the DT at The Scrapbook Outlet so I hope to use a couple of them for my submition.
Oh and I promise I will comment on your blog more often lol!!!