Monday, February 20, 2006

About time ...

...I updated my blog. I know, really slack. But to be honest I haven't had alot to write.
Emma has been trialing for netball the last 2 weeks and finds out finally this Thursday which team she made. Her and her friend have been trialing with older girls which is interesting. We'll just have to wait and see. :))
She also joined the Surf Life Saving Club last weekend and is allowed to sit her bronze? this Tuesday night even though she just started - they have been training her all weekend so she might be OK but if not there's another one next month but she might as well try. She's had a great time this weekend with a cool bunch of kids. I'm so pleased she's joined since it's just down the road - I think she'll make a great Lifeguard.
There was a challenge on Chris' blog that she got from Ali's blog about sharing 10 layouts. 10 layouts that are either your favourite; you are most proud of; or that have some significance OR a combination of all. So I'm going to share 2 today (this will give me a good reason to blog) then 2 each time I blog.

I was so proud of this layout, it was my first ever DT layout for Kiwiscraps and I still love it.

And this was one of my entries for For Keeps Awards for Ex, not this time but the time before. And I still love it.

Oooh and I got my Addiction Collection from Tarisota today. Yummo. Can't wait to play. Might help with the creative block I'm experiencing at the mo.


nic said...

Love the layouts. I need to do this challenge too. I'd have to dig up some old scans though! Its' amazing which are old favs, huh?


Michelle Tibble-Williams said...

Hey just got my I want it all collection and lovely. Glad to read your back bloggin

Ali Dub said...

Got my stuff from Tamar too and oooooooh goody! Love those layouts .... I don't think I would have ten that qualify yet Lol!

Rach H said...

Great LO's.
Yes maybe I should take up your example + do it as it would make me blog too!!!