Tuesday, February 07, 2006

End of the holidays - boo hoo

Well we survived the weekend. Emma had a cool time.
YAY (not) I started back at work today. Sooo busy. It's always busy the first week back in a school office. James and Emma start school on Thursday but James has had to go into school today and tomorrow to do Peer Support. He's Year 13 (7th form) and they support/look after the new 3rd formers. Oh BTW he did well in his NCEA exams Level 2 - a lot harder than Level 1. He got 108 credits - they have to get 80 to pass. But he didn't do well enough in Maths to take Calculus this year so he's taking Statistics. I think it's a blessing really - I think he may have struggled with Calculus.
Here's another challenge for you. Go here. So drag out that old piece of paper you can't throw away and match it with a new cool piece and see what you come up with. Come on, I dare you. I will be attempting it this week.
And if you haven't uploaded your first ever layout yet please do so and link back here.

An altered Eclipse mint tin.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to James on his NCEA - we waited anxiously for my niece's results so I know how important that bunch of numbers is...

Ruth said...

cool tin!! congrats to James - well done

Rach H said...

hey cool tin!!!!!
well done James. Oh I would love to spend a day being a 7th former again at school!! How life was reckless + carefree!!!!
Ok I'm up for challenge but I don't know how to link!!! HOPELESS here!!!..........lol. Bet I'm the only dork around that can't do it?????

Delys said...

Well done James!
Cool tin Lianne!
Will do this challenge when I have time...I have a particularly nasty one that I was going to give to my dd...but I will scrap it instead.