Sunday, February 12, 2006

A busy busy week

Wow what a busy week at work. And on Wednesday and Thursday nights Emma had netball trials. She was so good. Her shooting and working the court were superb. So good that on Thursday night her and her friend ended up trialing with the much older girls. Hoping she gets into a good team so she can improve her skills.
And James headed off to Raglan for a surf comp on Friday but unfortunately was knocked out of his heat in the last 30 seconds by .1 of a point. SOOOO hard. He was coming second (first and second go through to the next round) and in the last 30 seconds the guy coming third caught a wave giving him as I say .1 of a point more than James. Gutted he was.
Anyway life goes on and there's always another one. Actually he's got the Auckland Scholastics next weekend. That's a regional comp from which they pick a team to go to the Nationals. You have to be attending high school to enter. James has been in the Auckland team for the last 3 years. This year they are going to Dunedin which will be awesome. So hope he makes the team.
Aaannyywwaayy here are the 2 papers I chose for my crap and favourite challenge. I have had the hibiscus paper (no brand name on the back) for ever since I started scrapping I think and just couldn't get rid of it thinking I'll use it one day. So I'm going to, along with the pink dot paper by Shabby Princess. Tune in on Monday for the result I hope.
And I'll leave you with this photo of Emma and I (a little sunburnt - beautiful day yesterday) on Singstar last night. LOL. Lots of fun.


Wanda E. Santiago said...

Can wait to see what happens to you! Hugs Wanda

Ruth said...

go you on the end of a mic!! LOL

Delys said...

I love that singstar myself! Cant wait to see your results of the crap and favourite challenge. Love that pink dot one!